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Occupineapple Module

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I've started using this infusion and wanted to get it to autostart. I'm on 3.0 on my Mark IV and when I enable autostart and reboot, the pineapple AP shows up briefly in inSSIDer but then goes away. I never get the list of APs in my occupineapple and the pineapple AP goes away. On the pineapple's home screen, the tile for occupineapple shows it is disabled and not started. I have an entry in rc.local added when I enabled autostart in the occupineapple menu, but still get no start.

I want to be able to start this up by simply applying power.

Any thoughts or tips on troubleshooting this? I reset and even reflashed the 3.0 firmware with no luck. I am running it from the USB stick if that matters. I may try running from internal and see if that helps.

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would it be possible for clients to be able to connect to the fake SSID's? This would make the infusion realy powerfull. I know it wasn't the goal.

Give Occupineapple a list WITH mac adresses (tried with the one from pineapple), and clients connects.

I use airbase-ng, so i can emulate + reponse to more probes.

Karma + airbase/mdk3 is the killer.

Can somebody figure out if its possible to use Karma+airbase/mdk3 on the same interface?

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