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  1. Hello, I've been playing around with the nano for a few days. Install was easy, sharing the internet connection was easy thanks to Darren's youtube tutorial (big thumps up and looking forward to more video's). But after a few days the nano lost internet connection. No settings where changed. Even a reset (or a few resets) didn't do it. It works on another pc so still looking to fix it. Second problem: after a few hours the menu's gone. Totaly blanc. The nano works but no menu. Third problem. I installed a lot of modules on the nano (not on the sd card) when it was full I've put in a sd card and tried to remove some modules. I get the message that they are succesfully removed but they are still in the list. I do get a lot of ssid's in the pool so it works, I get clients so that works. Still a little question. I want to capture the traffic so I installed tcpdump. But what interface should I select when I use the shared internet from my pc? Io, Wlan0-1, wlan0, eth0, wlan1mon or br-lan? Thanks for your time!
  2. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to block the use of app's from a phone/tablet so that the person connected to the pineapple is forced to use the browers?
  3. Thx for the fast reply. I understand what you mean but this would only work if you stay with the same AP. For example. I configure my pineapple for the provider's hotspots. I can connect to it at home but when I go out and take the pineapple with me the pineapple will connect somewhere else to the same hotspot as the ssid is the same but as it is a fysical other AP it wouldn't have internet access. So it would require a manual intervention. On my smartphone I have an app that automaticly log's me in to the homespot when one is available. It enters my login and pass and I don't get the splashscreen.
  4. Ok here's my problem: There are a lot of wifi hotspots around that aren't pasword protected. So you can just connect to them and there's no need for a pasword. But to use them you need to log in on a website. This means that if I want to set up a "free wifi" and give my clients internet access I need to be able to let the pineapple log into the hotspot. Is that possible? I know clients could get on the internet if they would enter the log in with the splash screen themself and trafic would go through the pineapple but that's not what I want. I want people not to see the splash screen. Thx
  5. Got a few more questions: - how do you see if a person manualy connected to the pineapple or that karma answerd the probe request? - I only see my own laptop in the intelligence report but on the second screen in karma I see 10 clients. - Where can I find Karma log's? Does it log traffic or do I use another infusion for that? - I see on the third page of karma: auth attempt 1/3 2/3 3/3 ... does this mean it's trying to authorise the probe request but it doesn't succeed? Thx
  6. A newbie isn't much with a cryptic sentence. If you want to help hem explain what you mean.
  7. Ok a few more questions. 1 I used karma in a busy place. I named the ssid free wifi. How do I see when a person connects to the karma by choice of if karma has connected someone by accepting the proberequest? I see proberequest but in the log I see " auth attempt 1/3 2/3 3/3" 2. In the intelligence report I only see my own laptop connected to the pineapple. In the second screen I see a lot more clients. 3. As I was unable to connect to the pineapple bar I couldn't install sslstrip. Can I see a log what site's where visited, login's, paswords? Thx
  8. any eta on the release? Could be helpfull to avoid people from asking over and over when it will be released. Are we talking weeks? A month, several month's, ...
  9. "Also, where are you running karma? And I mean that physically, are you at home or are you doing this testing in a target rich environment like a coffee shop or airport? You may get plenty of probes at home but none of the devices connect for several different reasons." even if I connect to my "free wifi" AP (pineapple) I can't see any logs, sslstrip is running but can't capture anything. It's realy frustrating to buy something, realy read a lot, watch a lot, try a lot and get no result.
  10. I didn't mean to insult anyone but I read all the posts, I watched all the video's but still it's not working. Most of the posts, video's are for the mark 4 and although you say it also works for the 5 for a newbie it doesn't. Things that are logical for you are a puzzel for newbies. So a different screen, just one "logical" setting makes a huge differance. I did everything like in the video's but in the video's it's basic and everyting works fine. But what if it doesn't? What If I connect my android phones but I can't select usb tethering because it says there's no usb connected? What if I see some probe requests but no connections. What to do then? What could be the problem? If I connect manualy karma sees the connection but where do you see the logs? I'm missing a basic tutorial on how to use the pineapple. And the infusions. How to use them together. I'm want to make that from a newbie point off view but I need to get it to work first.
  11. thx for the fast reply. 6. Karma was running. I made a new list with the editor. I saved the list and I started the occupineapple infusion. The karma SSID dissapeared and the other ssid's came visable. Turned it off but they where still visable. Tried to set the ssid in karma but didn't work. Had to reset the pineapple to get rid off them.
  12. I knew I'm new and I'm willing to learn how to use the pineapple but there isn't much support here. I tried the IRC channel. No response. I tried the video's... Mark IV... If you would make some basic tutorials for the mark V there would be a lot less questions. For example: 1. I'm connected to my home wlan through cliƫnt mode. It looks like it uses Wlan1 on the pineapple. I thought wlan1 was for jamming and wlan0 was for connecting. 2. I want to setup an AP. I can enter a SSID in karma and it shows but how do I give them internet from the client connection? 3. SStrip. just install and let it run? 4. The jammer. How do I jamm everyone connected to AP x but still connect myself to AP x 5. Android usb tethering. How is it done? When I plug in the usb my phone(s) don't see it as a usb connection so they don't allow usb tethering. But the phones charge throug the same usb connection. 6. Occupineapple. I enterd 1 name to broadcast and got +/-20 SSID's with only numbers and letters but not the one I enterd. Please help me, it's frustrating to try and not get any help. Thanks
  13. Hmm this thread is not going the way I intended. The idea was to just send out a burst so that the connection was briefly interupted and the device would change the connection to wifi. It was never the idea to make a cell phone jammer that would keep jamming. Maybe just lock the thread. Thx
  14. would it be possible for clients to be able to connect to the fake SSID's? This would make the infusion realy powerfull. I know it wasn't the goal.
  15. And with android usb tethering? An old phone could be used to connect to a AP and supply internet access.
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