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  1. Thanks. I can also report that WiFi Manager infusion worked for me. I already had it installed. Clicked REMOVE CONFIG for both radios until both were gone (had to click more than 2 times for some reason.) Eventually, all configs were gone. Saved, commited, rebooted. When coming back, radio0 matched correctly. Once I enabled wlan1, then radio1=wlan1 also matched. Thanks for the assist. I'm definitely a newb at this! E.
  2. I'm having the issue where the radios are switching on me. Is there a fix yet? Workaround?
  3. +1 to be able to connect (with Karma enabled) to any of the SSIDs on the list. Presently it does not seem to work even though Karma is on and otherwise working with Occupinneaple off.
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