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  1. What is the strength of your AP? I'm going to assume that this AP is yours, so have you tried moving closer to it? I don't have my Pineapple with me, but if your having a problem associating to the channel with reaver, you could try setting your pineapples channel to the same as the AP itself. In theory this would allow you to exclude the channel selection at reaver run-time, while still confining you for efficiency purposes to the single channel. Yes? iwconfig mon0 channel <11> Have you tried running aireplay-ng to generate some packet traffic? aireplay-ng mon0 -1 120 -a <B
  2. As bad as it sounds, have you tried formatting it in Windows to see if you get the same grief? If so, what error are you getting?
  3. Your Pineapple setup? Also, have you checked the original thread, it talks about rebooting a couple times... and possible reasons. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28281-mitm-module/ HTK ô¿ô
  4. Mark IV, Firmware 2.8.0 Installed internally, works as intended! Tested with the included examples & some custom made lists. No issues! Keep up the good work! HTK ô¿ô
  5. Mark IV, Firmware 2.8.0 USB Storage = Lexar 8GB, 8G Mini Micro USB Backup Drive Echo ZE Steps I Took; Partitioned my USB Storage with Kali Linux, Disk Utility 6GB USBPart1 [EXT4] 2GB USBPart2 [EXT4] Installed RandomRoll to USB Works great, no issues! I did notice though that I had to hit refresh 2 or 3 times on my test PC's browser (Firefox) in order for the Google home page to be replaced with a dancing banana. I also tested on a Kobo, Chrome browser and again worked fine, feline p00ping rainbows took over the screen. lol For those of you who are reporting DNS Cache issues, try one of t
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