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  1. Hi guys, I have my wifi pineapple connected to modem via ethernet in the poe/lan slot, wifi pineapple has internet now and the works, but the wifi pineapple access page is not accessible, and its not setting device ip addresses under , please help.
  2. Hi I know the Mark IV, is now old an un used as much but I need help trying to get my wifi pineapple to connect to wifi, for it to emit wifi(act like a wifi access point with access to the internet) , could anyone help me by supplying a tool, I don't understand the process and need help so could anyone reply asap? Please and Thank you
  3. I followed the booklet's instructions still pineapple cant connect to the internet? What am I doing wrong ?
  4. Ive tried looking for tutorials but only Mark V flashing tutorials pop up is there some place you could like or write a short tutorial in "flashing the firmware file with sysupgrade"
  5. How do I downgrade from Version 3.0.0 to 2.8.1 because alot of things dont work on the Mark IV?
  6. I found going to network part of your tutorial, don't know how to enable client mode . as it does not display. Also in Network it displays : Internet IP: asd<font color="">Error Connecting</font>
  7. So I have been looking at the guide(only shows internet sharing from ethernet to computer running windows 7 and linux) and this may be a very stupid question but do I just plug the ethernet to the pineapple and it will automatically be able to connect to the internet ?
  8. What is Evil Portal II and where can i get it in the infusions where you download modules and things?
  9. Hi I am really not really all that knowing. But I need help incorporating "https://github.com/sophron/wifiphisher" this into the wifi pineapple if possible. If someone could provide some tutorial to do so I'd be greatly appreciated , thanks!
  10. I have this question about the OPKG Manager module if theres anyway to install the packages without manually having to click to download each one?
  11. im connecting to a nonsecured connection but according to kpoeticg you need to change something in the etc/config/wireless
  12. Thanks thesugarat, I wonder why I couldn't find that topic I was trying to find a thread to relate to this one so he could use , instead I couldn't find it and provided a video, i hope your problem is solved now powerfrog
  13. i reset it and my etc/config/wireless is config wifi-device 'radio0' option type 'mac80211' option channel '11' option hwmode '11ng' option macaddr '00:c0:ca:61:13:f2' option htmode 'HT20' list ht_capab 'SHORT-GI-20' list ht_capab 'SHORT-GI-40' list ht_capab 'RX-STBC1' list ht_capab 'DSSS_CCK-40' option disabled '0' config wifi-iface option device 'radio0' option network 'lan' option mode 'ap' option ssid 'pineapple 01:e7' option hidden '0' config wifi-device 'radio1' option type 'mac80211' option channel '11' option hwmode '11g' option macaddr '00:c0:ca:62:01:e7' option disabled '0' config wifi-iface option device 'radio1' option network 'lan' option hidden '0' option ssid 'Wifi' option mode 'sta'
  14. Did you establish ICS correctly? Heres a youtube video showing how to configure the pineapple with Mac
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