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  1. Hello, I am on the latest fw and have a odd issue. When I plug in the BB it turns green for a few seconds like its booting then does nothing at all if I have the switch selected for DumpCreds. I would think that the led light would come on but it never does? I have tested a lot of other payloads and never have seen this happen. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone, I am having an issue with my quickcreds setup that perhaps someone can help me figure out. I have it installed and working just fine using switch 2. However it will only work if I disable or unplug the network card from the workstation? Also if the workstation happens to have a wireless network card it must be disabled as well or the attack will not work. Once I do that everything works as it should. I have tried this on windows 7 and windows 10. Five workstations and 3 laptops that all do the same thing. Any ideas? Thank you!
  3. I just flashed my Pineapple to 2.8.1 good news Karma works! Bad news is that if I plug in anything into the usb port my Pineapple reboots within 2 minutes It also will not start with anything in the usb port. Any help would be great! -Tp
  4. What IP address do you have on your computers nic? You need to make sure its And plugged into the LAN port not the POE port on the pineapple. -Tp
  5. Try to blacklist just one AP as a test. Also use a powered Hub on Wlan1 that fixed my issue with Wlan0 shutting down -Tp
  6. The exploit occurred when the phone was plugged in to charge. The way I understand it is that the IOS code that this is using has to do with verifying AC power. Not sure how it works to be honest :) -Tp
  7. I think its going to be relased at Blackhat this year. . -Tp
  8. If your phone connect's to the rouge network.the hacker can scan your phone.. Sniff traffic etc. There is a way to even Jailbrake iPhone's secretly when connected to a rouge AP and install hidden apps. On Android you just spoof an update then PWNED! -Tp
  9. The pineapple cant handle the load is what I think. I can run my pineapple all week in AP mode running karma but as soon as I turn on any thing else it reboots sometimes in a few hours sometimes in a few minutes. -Tp
  10. echo '1' > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward arpspoof -i wlan0 -t & > /dev/null arpspoof -i wlan0 -t & > /dev/null urlsnarf -i wlan0 Most new wireless routers have some type of AntiArpSpoofing protection so it might not work at all. I am seeing every network I work on now have this all ready enabled so Arp spoofing is becoming a thing of the past. -Tp
  11. You need to set the interface to use an open ipaddress of your network. And then configure the routing. You can then set up ip forwarding to pass trafic with the wireless interface Wlan 0. -Tp
  12. Can you re flash to see if that helps? -Tp
  13. If you turn the Pineapple into a client and connect to the same AP other clients are connected to you must force them to route through your pineapple / Computer for it to work So it can work like this: Target User ----> Pineapple -----> MitM Attack ------> internet. Or: User -----> Computer ------ MitM Arrack ----> Pineapple -------> internet You have to have Arp Spoofing on wired networks so that you take over the routers IP an route requests through you. For a MitM attack to work you have to get yourself in the middle. -Tp
  14. It takes a lot of power to handle 32 GB USB try a 4 GB usb an please post the results. -Tp
  15. Yeah I would agree with you on that. I am not sure why the extra swap space fixed the issue. Perhaps the Pineapple runs out of memory. -Tp
  16. I got this to work after I added 3 gigs of swap space. However it reboots after 2 hours and around 25 minutes every time. -Tp
  17. I have fixed this issue by adding 3 gigs of swap space! -Tp
  18. Its entirely possible that I misunderstood the question :) However for the main tools to run would you not need to have MITM access so the victim is routing through your pineapple? The way I would do this type of attack is as fallows. First if the AP supports it I would turn the target AP into a client and have it connect to the Pineapple for its internet access. Or if the target AP supports openwrt I would flash the AP then install the tools on the target AP. If you want to use the Pineapple only you would need to have the pineapple connect as a client to the target AP and perform some Arp posing to force a MITM type of attack. PLEASE correct me if I am wrong :) -Tp
  19. Try a different hub. I have the hack5 one an it never has worked. Get a powered USB 3.0 hub from Amazon they cost $30 but work well. I have used a MiFi USB connection with a Wireless radio an my usb stick, it works great. Also plug everything in after the pineapple boots! -Tp
  20. I have not made a list. The best way is to check them yourself. Connect to the pineapple and see what works :) -Tp
  21. You need to know what type of WiFi router it is and also have Admin access to the router. -Tp
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