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Guys I need Help you


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In Title "Guys I need Help you" - Yes, you need to help me, er, us, understand why you no speak'a de engrish. And why in the hell would anyone give you a login to their server? We dont know you.

"Joo just crazee guy, you go now, you be here 4 owa!"

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Noob here,

I can't seem to sign into your ssh server digip seeing as you forgot to supply your password.

Can I please haz passw0rdz to server? While your at it may I have your gmail and other accounts too. =P

Here. I make you a script to auto login, no wyou no hav3 to type anything!!!1!

Just download and run this, and you will be log on to my SSH server!


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For the five who tried to connect (I see whut u did thar), be sure to use IE next time and accept the client install. ;) I fixed the link for you...

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Wow! My server is running on! We must be pretty close....

Whats your subnet mask, we may be on the same network!! o.O Im

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Epic fail thread is now EPIC!

ROFLMFAO @ youtube video. Yeap the worlds BIGGEST search engine has 11 people viewing it! Must be China DoSing it again.

Bunch of bloody funny bastards! This thread made me laugh irl. Thanks for the great start to the morning fellas.

Mad props to digi and his script. =DD

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