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  1. Yeah my sisters Bosch DVR unit has a RJ45 port which can be used to upload into the cloud or remote viewing but due to ISP cap restrictions and upload speeds its a bit prohibiting. I also recall seeing some camera's that have a micro SD card slot built in so in the event that the DVR device is stolen/damaged the camera will still continue to take pictures and store them on the SD card. For home use I hear the Bosch 20bit Hi-Res are a good buy but unfortunately are around $800.00 aud last I checked a year back. As for a recommended supplier in Australia, My friend who does it professionally uses All Things
  2. shonen


    saw this demoed the other day on securitytube.net and it looks interesting. Always had trouble with remembering command lines especially when my metasploit skills are nub at best.
  3. Ah must be another user with the same name, saw the from Australia thing and started assuming.
  4. My Sister had 4 break ins within a two week period a couple of months after she purchased her property in the out skirts of Melbourne. When speaking to the previous home owner she found out that the teenager living next door was charged for similar break ins previously which prompted my sister to install a CCTV system (Was done professionally by a friend of mine). It shouldn't be much of a problem providing the installed camera's are not blatantly overlooking a neighboring property. The only install that may cause an issue is a camera monitoring your front door seeing as when you install these you also want to cover the entry and as much of your front yard as possible. My sister has a total of 5 camera's, 1 for each side way down the house, 2 in each corner in the back yard and one above the front door which also picks up some of the footpath. They have been installed for over a year without a single complaint. All though not necessary the neighborly thing to do is discuss the proposed camera install and be clear that they will not be intrusive. But even if you don't do this camera's now days are small enough that most people wont even notice them hence you wont get a complaint. SO jah, from my understanding as long as they are not overlooking a neighbors property it isn't a problem, if you are concerned about the legality of the install it may pay to ask your question on Whingepool and mention what state or local council you fall under. On a side note if you are installing them in the event of a break in for evidence purposes be warned that those home surveillance kits you get from dick smith and the likes are rather b-grade and in most cases Police wont be able to do much with the footage other than having an idea on what to finger print. My previous employer (Tight arse boss) got a CCTV system installed professionally but the camera's used were low resolution so when we were broken into the facial shots that would have been awesome identification couldn't be used. Out of curiosity how many are you planning to install, camera model, coaxial or tcp/ip and are you gonna use a DVR or Just install a DVR card into a spare computer? Personally if your gonna do something like this its worth paying the extra amount and doing it properly from the get go, use professional gear (Bosch are professionally recommended) and have your stuff running of a UPS and the DVR unit hidden away under lock and key. Expensive yes but the information obtained is well worth it.
  5. Does this count? If so yes, yes I do. Not that I have have used it in over a year, had a break from the whole I.T thing and was doing multimedia/graphic design studies and freelance work. Now that I am finally finished and miss the whole I.T gig I suspect I will have to clean that room of mine and setup shop once again. XD But damn Im like ubber rusty. =O Here is another that belongs to a friend of mine, he has made some substantial upgrades since but I am yet to take happy snaps. NERDGASIM'S A GO! Been lurking the forums again (it has been sometime) good to see some of the old regulars floating about and posting away. Hmmm Infiltrator, I believe I have seen that name around the Ausphreak boards. XD
  6. Sand box it in a VM and click clcik BOOM away!
  7. lmfao damn people on social networking sites are stupid. I knew I had good reason to stay clear of myspace facebook and other time wasting sites.
  8. Thanks guys glad you like it and thank god it looks cute, I was aiming for that whole cutsey neko type thing =D Took me a good day and a half to get that far due to being really rusty. lol drawing a basic circle for a guide for the face took a good 20 minutes *shakes head* was not a good idea busting my hand up a few years ago when I lost my temper and punched a hole in the wall and fractured my knuckle from a metal work bench on the other side. Ever since then my right hand shakes every so often. 0_o I have to do 3 characters for the assignment so I decided to cheat a lil and use one I did a 5 years back (supplied below). I have a few drafts for the 3rd but nothing so far that makes me wanna do a final copy. Jealousy works both ways dr0p, you can actually code unlike a certain someone. XD Speaking of programming a dude I was chatting to in another forum showed me computation art the other day. Its pretty awesome stuff. Hopefully I wont complete suck at using illustrator to color the images. also did a version in ascii art for a laugh, used a generator but it still needed a good 5 hours of editing before it started to look reasonable.
  9. I sent him a message back telling him to fuck off and come back when he has some viagra.
  10. I am still yet to watch darker than black, read a few good reviews and liked the style of animation. I then looked at how many episodes were in the sucker and it kind of put me off. I already dropped naruto and bleach for that reason (well and annoying fillers and plot being dragged out). =0 You completely read my mind dr0p. I have been gathering a bunch of semi gothic loli images much like that one for idea's for the 2nd character design I have to do for a multimedia assignment. Also changed my own desktop wallpaper n stuff, desktop is rather messy due to working on a few different things. lol its amazing how it can go from clean to looking like a cluster fuck in under an hour. Original just in case anyone wants it
  11. Thanks Digi, completely forgot about pixel perfect, I watched an episode a while back and they are guy does a great job at explaining stuff. Also thanks for the link mate, much appreciated. I had a good look through your deviantart account and all I can say is WOW, you have done some pretty funky stuff, great website templates, photo manipulation and the anime stuff you have done is pretty freaking mint. looks like I have a lot to learn. XD
  12. Hey Guys, Now I know most of you are networking, programing guru's and such but I have seen some great art work floating around hak5 and from memory digip does this sort of thing. I finished my previous networking course and was going to do a diploma in comp sys engineering but wanted to have a break from the tech side of things and do something a little more creative and enrolled into Mutlimedia printing and graphic arts, just finished my second week back at tafe. Now when it comes to using adobe products such as illustrator and photoshop I am not to crash at it (only just recently worked out how to use the pen tool thanks to my teacher). I was wondering if anyone could suggest any good sites, books that are worth reading and basic concepts and foundations I should be aware off. I was also handed an assignment last week to design a character which is to be ported over to illustrator for a final copy. Below is the 1st rough which came out ok considering I aint put pen to paper in over 5 years. Anyways was also after some critique, color suggestion etc etc. Also I would love to see what graphic art work others have done on here.
  13. I did a little more researching on that poll the abc did and found that the questions given to people were slightly misleading, for example people were not directly asked are you pro filter or anti filter but instead asked do you think child porn should be blocked? Apparently having child porn blocked means you want mandatory ISP filtering. 0_o wtf. That idiot stephen conroy was quoted on a few online news articles as say the DoSing of gov websites is irresponsible and denies people access to information, these attacks are not a legitimate form of protest. This really made me laugh, denies people access to information? Um Conroy this is the exact same thing your filter does and I fail at seeing how a DoS attack on gov websites is not a legitimate form of protest. I compare it to a bunch of truck drivers who are pissed off about the price of petrol and decide to park there rigs on a busy highway as a form of protest. Besides you can't blame people, when a gov doesn't listen to its people they always resort to civil disobedience and cause disruptions.
  14. A poll went up the other day about the attack on the Whirlpool forums. Also dedicated a large portion of the show towards it. Day 2 now and the website is still offline, they also started targeting the immigration site which is up and down throughout the day. Story has drawn attention from across the globe. lol now everyone can laugh at the Aussies and their stupid ISP filtering policy. One odd than that is worth pointing out, not a single mainstream station (7, 9 and 10) has aired anything on the attack.
  15. Yeah basically its an open forums type group, postings hit the chans about a raid and dates and target established on the wiki . Members of various chans and other online users separate from 4chan etc etc downloaded an assortment of tools and attacked Australian goverment sites in one combined effort. While I don't agree with some of anon's methods ie spamming small breasted women pictures to email and fax machines which only hinders those who are actively campaigning against online censoring legally. It does draw media attention to a subject that is rarely covered by mainstream media outlets. Granted its bad publicity but as they say any publicity is good publicity. the same effect can be achieved through real life protest but to gain media attention you need superior numbers (which we don't have due to lack of attention on the subject). I also this link for the ABC Hungry beast program emailed to me. Now I am not one to spout bullshit conspiracy theory's but that stats for the polls struck me as a little off. ABC claim that 80% of people surveyed are for mandatory ISP filtering. These stats completely contradict Various online news/forum polls and the good old fashioned newspaper which on average have 90% against. Note: ABC are a Australian Government funded TV station. hahaha @ Drop, its been down for agers. SMH's news article of 50 minutes is a joke. I have been checking periodically and that site among others has not loaded for over 4 hours.
  16. Looks like it anon delivered, found this on the internet this afternoon. The website in question seemed to be down longer than the news article stated. SMH news article
  17. Damn I don't know how you lot can be bothered rolling your own cigga's. Guess it helps cut back on the amount but seriously stuff that. lol also noticed you have those pesky goverment health warnings on packaging too. The ones on our aussie packs are bloody disturbing. Moral of the story don't smoke with your feet, use your bloody hands. =P
  18. I admit I can chain smoke a fair bit but its usually due to boredom or just wanting a 5 minute break to myself. I smoke Peter Jackson Extra mild. Not the best thing to smoke but it ups the nicotine levels. Was a massive pot head previously but thankfully I kicked that nasty habit.
  19. Back the the original subject that was posted seeing as everyone went a lil off topic with rants. Gotta love forums. Anyways was lurking the net and stumbled across this http://partyvan.info/wiki/Operation_Titstorm and thought I would share. I am all for drawing attention to the subject especially seeing as the mainstream media fail at covering it but flooding emails with small breasted women kind of has the adverse effect. In any case I wonder if it gets a mention on the 6 o'clock news I could use a good laugh after class tomorrow.
  20. So by your definition people are tards because they are not educated properly on how to lock down and manage their all in one modem/router/AP? So if I was an accountant would you be a tard if you didn't know NPV? The only tard I see in this scenario is the O.P who more than likely has the login credentials for the gateways web management interface and not the details for the ISP account. You would have to back up the .cfg file and go through it to find the ISP password or load that .cfg file into another gateway of the same make and model. Even then it still wont work seeing as ADSL is bound to that "physical land line" hence why when you move you have to wait for them to enable it on your phone number at the telco exchange. Even if it did work why would you be so stupid as to connect it to your own home phone number that the telco could clearly identify you? May I suggest that the O.P learn some basic networking concepts before playing around with tools they have no understanding on. Burning ace's and what would the benefit be of canceling the dsl subscription for both attacker and victim? If anything you would just browse the webmail or setup a few free email accounts associated with that ISP subscription. Um I doubt launching a MITM attack in a DMZ is going to work. To DMZ you would move the victims network into a VLAN or different IP address block. When you scan for available hosts and poison the arp table you can only do that to computers that are on the same VLAN or subnet as yourself. P.S: I lol'd hard at Digip's posting, funny and informative at the same time.
  21. I heard Telstra did this but didn't know optus do so as well. Hey is their a list for ISP's in Australia that do this? I am with iprimus and I don't think they do but I am curious as to who does and who doesn't in the event I change ISP's. Speaking of ISP's iiNET won that court case against the movie giants. I read it online a few days back and my fav comment on the SMH website was this one "Awesome wait a go iinet, I am gonna download 10 movies to celebrate".
  22. Sucks dude, nothing worse than a HDD going tits up when your data is on it. lol I just recently pulled my old IDE HDD out of my old laptop that has been dead for over 3 years. Was nice getting some of my photoshop work back but the main stuff I was after wasn't on it. was kind of spewing.. Well this is my desktop this month, weird seeing as I have been changing my wallpaper almost ever second week as where previously I was just leaving it as is. note to self: burn those .iso's off the bloody desktop. =P
  23. Correct me if I am wrong but I recall reading somewhere that you can get avast for ubuntu.
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