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  1. I had an HTC touch pro with winmo before switching over to droid. It works well. Exchange integration was easy. I like winmo and blackberry in an enterprise environment. iPhone and Droid work okay with exchange, but they're more targeted at personal use than enterprise use. I forsee Android slowly taking over apples market share over the next few months unless the rumor is true that iphone will be on verizon. Then android may be in trouble. I hear AT&T sucks.
  2. From what I hear, TACACS+ is the new radius. I have no expierence here though. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk59/techn...080094e99.shtml
  3. Yeah dude. What you're describing is vague. But here's my recommendations: 1. Run Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer on all windows PCs. This will display any missing patches and show weak passwords. 2. Run a port scanner to look for open ports. Close un-necessary ports. Shutoff un-necessary services. 3. Make sure AV is installed and updated. 4. Check for a software firewall on PCs. Windows comes with one. 5. Review router/firewall for open ports. 6. Take away local admin rights from accounts that don't need it. I personally recommend creating a regular user and escalating priveleges using the admin account when needed. 7. If you're paranoid, take out any wireless devices. If not, at the very least, secure it using WPA2 and a strong passphrase. 8. BIOS passwords. 9. Consider physical security. Computer locks, locked doors, mantraps, etc. 10. Whole disk encryption. Truecrypt is free. Use it. 11. Extra credit - Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems for hosts and network.
  4. I'm an android guy. I've yet to find a feature that iPhone can do that Droid can't. However, if you're going to be gaming, no doubt the iPhone has better games.
  5. I didn't read all of the original post because I think I grasped the concept a few lines into it. Curiosity is what drives my knowledge. If I'm not sure how something works, I try it out. Hands on is the best way for me to learn. If I'm still in doubt about something, I use google, books, and ask on forums like Hak5. Hak5 as a show does nothing for me but spark interest. The concepts discussed give me something to look into. I started off my knowledge by learning myself how to install sound cards, cd/dvd drives, and hard drives when I was in middle school. I took some Cisco classes in high school and was hooked. It continued in college and now I'm an IT admin. It's always learning something new and building on it. Working in IT is a never ending learning experience.
  6. If you're a n00b at web design like I am, try out wordpress, joomla, or drupal CMS (or maybe head over to squarespace.com/hak5). No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel. All the websites I create use one of these. It makes it simple for the client (or yourself) to keep content current. It's also highly customizable. All the CMS apps I listed run on PHP and mySQL and have plugins for just about anything you'd want. I made a website for my employer to sell vehicles. There's a plugin for that!
  7. Anybody use this or have any comments on it? Thinking about using it in our environment. http://www.alienvault.com/community.php?section=Home Thanks, Subl1m1nal
  8. When it rains it pours. All the more to help a hacker out! Shit, if I lived in Williamsburg, I'd go for it. Camera studio pimpin FTW!
  9. Found him. His name is Ramzi. I found his blog, but it hasn't been updated recently: http://ramzi.bizhat.com/ Also, co-host Dan Huart now works for Digg.
  10. I agree. It has to take some balls to pack up your stuff and move to a state on the other side of the country! Either that, or he has enough moneys in the bank to float him. Kudos Darren! About the broken. I always wondered why they stopped making episodes. I wonder what happened to "Double D" and the russian thermite guy. Could be more opportunities for Hak5 in SF. We're talking silicon valley, where the computer industry was made! It would be awesome if Kevin could sqeeze in an episode of two for good times sake. Pop open some 40's and get to hackin!
  11. No kidding. He went from cracking windows passwords, modding xboxes, and packing laptops with thermite to being an apple user and making Digg. Maybe when Darren gets to SF he can set him back on the right path!
  12. Not only that, they've given me a background for the Security+ test I'm taking next month. I would be clueless if I didn't watch Hak5. Still studying my @$$ off. This is only an entry level security test??? Wow...I'm humbled...but still hungry!
  13. No doubt Hak5 will stay alive! The community is too strong. On a side note, it'd be cool to have Kevin Rose as a guest host. I remember watching a few episodes of the broken back in the day. Really got me hooked on security when I was in college. I have no problem kicking a few dollars that way every now and again. They entertain me for about an hour each week. I think I've bought a few products from them over the last couple of years. I got autographed stickers, evil server tee, and my latest is my usb switchblade tee. My only comment is to keep new hak gear coming. I'm running out of stuff to buy!
  14. What kind of craziness is going on? Snubs moves to Misery...I mean Missouri. DK gets back from vaca and gets laid off! That'd make me level 5 pissed off! Hak5 could be headed for the West Coast sooner than later! I figured I could help a hacker out by buying a USB switchblade shirt. But I just thought about this, if the HakHouse is for sale, will the hak store still be operable?
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