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  1. I was looking at that too today on Ubuntu, and just verifying everywhere else I frequent didn't have the same password. But certainly not good for Canonical....
  2. Depending upon the situation: 1. If I feel charitable, and I have time, I might likely help you out. 2. If you have a problem that will take up a good amount of my time.....there is a good chance you will likely pay for services rendered. 3. If you start whining, I too will help you out.....which way did you come in?
  3. I've used Untangle for quite awhile now, but lately its been getting a little too buggy for my tastes. I too was curious about PFsense and how easy it was to configure.
  4. This continues to be an infringement on the rights of citizens, regardless of political, social, or cultural differences. As well as taking away the process on innovation from citizens and placing it into the hands of corporate entities who are sponsoring this legislation. Funny how corporate entities would not be where they are today without regular citizens who had the ability to innovate who started and founded the corporations.
  5. I've been using Untangle for a couple of years now, and highly recommend it.
  6. Something keeps bugging me about this worm, and its origin. Would anybody here possibly consider if Haystack might have been a possible suspect in all this? It was a project to assist Iranians in bypassing their governments firewalls and web filters, could something been deployed that if an Iranian visited a particular website using Haystack, something could have been downloaded (Stuxnet) back into their own computers, and spread undetected through Iranian networks and USB keys? The US Government allowed Haystack out to Iran, and bypass the US export restrictions. It seems strange now that Haystack has "gone to ground" now, the project is in hiatus pending a "security review". All good timing. b:\myrtus\src\objfre_w2k_x86\i386\guava.pdb When searching for these two words on Google, the seventh item is the search order talks about plants. Myrtus or (Chilean) Guava is a perennial bush that grows outside of San Francisco.....home of Haystack... Just something to throw out to see if line of thinking was logical....
  7. Mine is so bad, I won't even bother posting it......
  8. I would have to agree, there are a lot open source based firewall products that you can get (like Pfsense, Untangle, and others) that get more bang out of the buck than AlphaShield. 100% effective? That alone is just a sales pitch, even high end firewall companies never boast they will get eveything.
  9. Governments today tend to be very good at socially engineering and manipulating their own citizens. They just don't like the idea of anyone else doing it.......
  10. Rubieeallenn The latest spam janitor here....... Wonder if he wears a dress?
  11. Nice to see the forum back....... Now... Could we ban this jerk too? Davietorr He's just so concerned about all the viruses on my Ubu box....and is offering his cleaning services....
  12. Guys anyone can help me? are u Have SSH Port 443... only just fun study?? so please sharing with me user and password.. please guys... thanks What? (Didn't know three year olds could type so good.....)
  13. I think it depends upon the situation, I had a Vista box I worked on for a friend and it just completely defeated me (that and BlackSOD), regardless of what I could do. That situation involved a reinstall. Ive had other times where I have done "surgery" with Linux live CD disks on Windows boxes, and once getting it to a state of where I can get Malwarebytes and Hijackthis to run, I've had some success. But in the end, if you have to be sure, wipe the drive and reinstall.....
  14. I have to admit, it does look cool..... My CIO and I talked about it, and whether tablets like it would work and benefit us where we work (a financial institution) There are currently too many drawbacks that outweigh the benefits currently at the moment for our regular users, IPad would never work for us short of it being used say, in our Marketing department, who currently use Mac laptops. I don't know, I think I will take a wait and see approach on this one before considering a purchase. As for hacking......have at it, lets see how it can be liberated..... B)
  15. macrohard

    bye Matt

    Good luck in your future endeavours......I did enjoy the virtual machine segments I watched going through the Hak5 archives using Miro during my Christmas break from work and college.
  16. I think in the past with Windows Vista it was buggy drivers for peripherals and hardware components. That was a big reason why we did not upgrade at work, some of the USB devices at use at workstations would not work with Vista. Windows 7 has solved a lot of those problems, but I agree on turning the UAC off.
  17. BlueWyvern, Also try out computerjobs.com as well, maybe consider using www.linkedin.com to network yourself among fellow peers. I'm about to become intentionally unemployed from my workplace soon, it's been getting a bit out of hand as of late.
  18. Game, Thanks for the link on cracking WPA without a dict, I found it interesting. I have also done some cracking as well with my own wireless access point in the past.
  19. Nice, but I had use torrent to download (not to bad, seems to have enough seeders at the moment)
  20. It's really a two-fold problem: Employee does not follow acceptable use policy when using a computer in a workplace Employer does not properly audit nor enforce acceptable use policy when needed or required. I'm in the same position at work myself at times, our management will not review nor audit employee's web usage unless someone speaks up and reports a problem. In a lot of ways I believe its a corporate mindset that it is too much trouble to correct an issue of an employee not following an internet policy that in a lot of ways is not regarded as being such a big deal as to say, levels of sexual harassment in the workplace. But the problem is, if something goes bad and because a employee was abusing internet access and something bad happened to the network, it usually ends up in the lap of the poor IT person who regardless of doing everything right in his or her job, is going to be the one who the finger is pointed at, not the employee who caused the problem in the first place.
  21. This past week I was on vacation, and for Christmas the family got a Roomba and a Wii..... That Bluetooth device will come in handy (Rootooth) I will make sure I am on "break" at work when this goes down.......
  22. I was reading about this evening, any thoughts or comments about it? OSNews story
  23. If you think this is bad, I was a little stunned in my online forum for college when I started school this past year. I thought I was back in 1st grade all over again.......
  24. I've currently use Untangle now in my home network, to keep the facehuggers from going to any "naughty" sites. Untangle also does a product specifically for Windows, in which you can download Untangle and install it on a Windows XP or Vista box, and from there protect all the Windows boxes in your LAN. Untangle Re-Router technology It is a good question in regard to running a firewall appliance as a virtual machine, especially when considering how secure the host is, or any other virtual machines you might be running on a host that a virtual firewall appliance runs on. One of the things I'm looking at at work is security of our virtual network. I personally however prefer the firewall/UTM device to be guarding the perimeter and separate. Then working to secure the inside of the LAN network.
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