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  1. I can't currently test as my Rubby Ducky is "In the field" the only other thing that comes to mind would be to try ALT KEY_SPACE which would be using the key name in the keyboard.properties file (A-la the KEY_F11 thing)
  2. The first thing you mentioned was that you tried ctrl + space which to my knowledge is not a valid key combination with or without the X. for F11, I apologize as I was mistaken use KEY_F11
  3. for your first one, you can use ALT SPACE STRING X they are sequential in that manner not simultaneous as far as the single F key I believe it can be done by just having a line stating F11 There's a pretty good MarkDown page on Darren's Github https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Duckyscript or you can look at other payloads https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payloads
  4. As corny as it sounds you could use the modern rogue episode and site it as a source.
  5. Personally I like Everki backpacks. They cost a pretty penny but you get the best bang for buck and it's what I'm using to carry around a Asus ROG laptop between the US and UK.
  6. BlueWyvern


    I live in an area that has a chance of flooding as well, however I don't quite have the ability to move anywhere that doesn't have potential flooding issues. Truly the best practices are Having appropriate home owner's / Renter's insurance Backing up data offsite (I sprang for a synology to keep at my in-laws house (several towns away) and rsync on a nightly basis) being smart about placement of electrical equipment, nothing directly on the floor, towers sit on top of the desk, Power strip mounted a few feet up from the floor on the wall. You can do other improvements to your home to help mitigate flood damage, but everything is situational. Hope this helps
  7. I know you can add to an existing project through vbscript using Visual Studio DTE Objects here are few little snippits of a vbscript Set dte = CreateObject("VisualStudio.DTE.12.0") 'Visual studio 2010 Object is DTE.10.0, If you need a 2012 Object it is DTE.11.0 / VS 2013 is DTE.12.0 These next 3 lines are what got me stuck for a while when i was creating a solution from scratch dte.Solution.Create strPath & "\Path\","Solution1.sln" 'Create the Solution dte.Solution.SaveAs(strPath & "\Path\Solution1.sln") 'Save It dte.Solution.Open(strPath & "\Path\Solution1.sln") 'Open It dte.ExecuteCommand "File.AddExistingProject ""C:\Long\Path\Is Long\LibraryX.vbproj""" dte.Solution.SaveAs(strPath & "\Path\Solution1.sln") 'Save it after adding Projects dte.Solution.Close() 'Close the Solution
  8. Awesome replies all! Thanks for the wealth of information. Personally I'd like to go for the ubiquti, though that cost is up there. I definitely want to go with ac since all the devices on my network short of two amazon fire tv sticks are ac. As far as weather, Ohio on the lake so the usual snow until April, Sun and crazy rain until November then snow again in bulk.
  9. So I've been digging and digging and feel I don't have enough experience with the weatherproof stuff so I'm hoping someone here can help. I'm trying to mount an access point in the back of the house for the back yard area of the house. attempts to use wireless extenders have all ended in failure. I can't find any 802.11ac WAPs that claim to be weatherproof and so would like some input if anyone knows of one (or two) or if anyone knows how I could make one weatherproof. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, I've been rolling around on Verizon as my everyday provider for cell and data service. Up until recently I could get a signal everywhere short of the moon. Then I took a drive to Kentucky and found myself in a number of places with no signal and barely able to make a voice call let alone get the GPS up and rolling again. So I was looking and can't seem to find a solid answer. I wanted to get an unlocked hotspot and a pay as you go sim for one of the other carriers. So here's what I was hoping for. Data with no expiration | or | able to connect and add funds without having money already on the account Really good to great 3G (if not 4G coverage) Anyone got any ideas/leads? Thanks in advance!
  11. sadly the situation requires port 22 and will not allow me to use a username other than admin without the ability to switch to key pairs at all. Synology Time Backup to an Offsite Unit. I do have a stupidly strong password on it that would take quite some time to brute force, but still it's annoying seeing so many attempts every day.
  12. Hi Guys, I am having an issue with SSH Brute Forcers and have been now auto blocking anywhere between 14 and 22 IPs a day. Is there any pre-compiled list of known country offenders I notice the majority of these are China and a few are Russia, but I don't check every IP. Am I stuck either paying for a service or creating the list myself? Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys, appreciate the info. We'll see how it goes. :)
  14. Sorry Guys, but I was certain someone would have the answer here. I am traveling to Leeds in a week for work and everyone else at the company had to have the operator always call the cab for them or any other dialing for that matter. I have tried searching Google, but I keep coming up with how to call the US from England or vice versa, Can anyone Give me a clear cut guide to dialing a phone over there? Thank you! Again Sorry it's not security Related!
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