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  1. datajumper

    Free wifi

    lmao thats funny as hell @fernandoblazin good reply hahahah
  2. datajumper

    Best way to "hack" ip-camera?

    the ip camera should just be setup like an access point if im not mistaken i dont know how yours is set up but you can use aircrack-ng the normal way like you do cracking a router and as for the web login url you should be able to use a wordlist and hydra to bruteforce email me or mssg me on here it dont matter send me all the info ill do my best to help you oh lol i just skimmed over this forum i missed the part where you already have a handshake / pcap ? if thats correct we can use crunch or something to crack it then as for the log in use hydra either terminal command or hydra gtk ....for give me if i skiped over any info and answered incorrectly