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  1. datajumper

    Free wifi

    lmao thats funny as hell @fernandoblazin good reply hahahah
  2. datajumper

    how to harden apache web server

    hey guys i have been searching alot how to secure my apache server ...i have found libapache-modsecurity the webserver is running on debian9 ...no gui lol but i followed the guides ..to turne SecRuleEngine on but when i do i try to restart ....service apache2 restart and apache is just dead it the water lol so now im turning to you guys maybe im not doing something right idk but i scanned my website with vega ...i know how to use lets encrypt i just havent done that part yet lol but vega says my site has xss flaws and ssql and of course clear http ...bc i havent installed certbot yet but can any of you all tell me or give me advice on how to secure my apache2 server ?? modsecurity and add owasp rules-crs ?? im having a hard time understanding i really need help on this guys pls ..if i have been unclear because im not the best at explaining lol feel free to ask questions and ill try to explain better thanks in advance
  3. datajumper

    Best way to "hack" ip-camera?

    the ip camera should just be setup like an access point if im not mistaken i dont know how yours is set up but you can use aircrack-ng the normal way like you do cracking a router and as for the web login url you should be able to use a wordlist and hydra to bruteforce email me or mssg me on here it dont matter send me all the info ill do my best to help you oh lol i just skimmed over this forum i missed the part where you already have a handshake / pcap ? if thats correct we can use crunch or something to crack it then as for the log in use hydra either terminal command or hydra gtk ....for give me if i skiped over any info and answered incorrectly