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  1. ufw is a front-end for iptables, but it's not a gui. I find it much easier to use that than iptables directly. But firestarter is a good gui alternative. I have had issues with internet connection sharing in Ubuntu 9.10 though.
  2. Years ago, when I used Snapstream's Beyond TV software, there was a feature that would automatically remove commercials. I don't know if it still exists though.
  3. I sure hope you are not talking about Sarah Palin.
  4. I have been looking for an over the shoulder messenger bag, you know, that goes across your back...but they are quite hard to find.
  5. So wait, he "hacked" your Facebook account or your computer? If he guessed your password (not hacked, btw), then how could you possibly have gotten spyware from that. Also, how did you get the IP addresses?
  6. Just report the profile. I filed one against it.
  7. So you somehow want to get the IP address of the person who made that Facebook profile page? How do you expect that to be done?
  8. The reason I created the original script was to quickly download the latest episode. If you wish to add more complexity to it, be my guest. However, a shell script might not be the best way of doing all this logic. You might be better off with an actual programming language, or more robust scripting language (ruby, perl, python, php)
  9. Hak5 forums already has a skin. Read above and you'll see it needs to be updated to work correctly with the upgraded forums.
  10. Its been hacked a while ago. Look at prior Hak5 episodes
  11. At first, I was thinking the forums got hacked.
  12. The episodes should have been accessible on Youtube and Revision3
  13. Was the forum & hak5.org's downtime related?
  14. I wonder what happened. The forums were down for almost a week, and the whole hak5.org site was down for several days.
  15. The userland goes onto the SD card. The Z2's firmware is flashed to boot from SD card.
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