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  1. ufw is a front-end for iptables, but it's not a gui. I find it much easier to use that than iptables directly. But firestarter is a good gui alternative. I have had issues with internet connection sharing in Ubuntu 9.10 though.
  2. Years ago, when I used Snapstream's Beyond TV software, there was a feature that would automatically remove commercials. I don't know if it still exists though.
  3. I sure hope you are not talking about Sarah Palin.
  4. I have been looking for an over the shoulder messenger bag, you know, that goes across your back...but they are quite hard to find.
  5. So wait, he "hacked" your Facebook account or your computer? If he guessed your password (not hacked, btw), then how could you possibly have gotten spyware from that. Also, how did you get the IP addresses?
  6. Just report the profile. I filed one against it.
  7. So you somehow want to get the IP address of the person who made that Facebook profile page? How do you expect that to be done?
  8. The reason I created the original script was to quickly download the latest episode. If you wish to add more complexity to it, be my guest. However, a shell script might not be the best way of doing all this logic. You might be better off with an actual programming language, or more robust scripting language (ruby, perl, python, php)
  9. Hak5 forums already has a skin. Read above and you'll see it needs to be updated to work correctly with the upgraded forums.
  10. Its been hacked a while ago. Look at prior Hak5 episodes
  11. At first, I was thinking the forums got hacked.
  12. The episodes should have been accessible on Youtube and Revision3
  13. Was the forum & hak5.org's downtime related?
  14. I wonder what happened. The forums were down for almost a week, and the whole hak5.org site was down for several days.
  15. The userland goes onto the SD card. The Z2's firmware is flashed to boot from SD card.
  16. Yeah incoming port 80 connections are blocked for me. You can try running nmap on your IP address to see whats blocked.
  17. Yeah I use port 3000. 80 and 25 seem to be the only blocked ports. FTP and SSH still work fine. I still run my Apache server on port 80, I just have my router forward port 3000 to my server at port 80.
  18. Im from the Lehigh Valley, so meetups in Philly would be doable.
  19. Well it is pure speculation on my part. What you can do is attempt to recover a gamertag and after you enter in the email address + password, check to see what packets are sent. I doubt the email address+password would be sent plaintext...but you never know.
  20. [/quote So what are you suggesting fills that space? My gamertag is only 2mb Well, I have my 360 at my apartment. Before the update that allowed USB drives to be used as memory cards, I would have to recover my gamertag when I went over to friends places. When I would get back to my apartment, I couldnt sign into my profile until I recovered my gamertag on my home console. I postulate that it is like a private key to sign in. When you recover your gamertag via Xbox Live and download it to a new console, the old key is disabled and you are given a new one. Anyway, that is pure speculation.
  21. My Gamer Profile is 11 megabytes, which would be quite large for just gamerscore, CC info, etc.
  22. There is no username/password for Xbox Live. Your gamertag is tied to your email address and a password (mine is my Live account). Your profile is only allowed on one device at a time. The only time you enter those is to recover(download) your gamertag. I doubt the console stores the email address/password on the device and uses that to login. Plus, if you were to figure out the email address and password for someone elses account, it would be pointless to download that onto your console, since they will know the next time the login to theirs (it wont let them sign onto Xbox Live.
  23. What do you mean by the credentials of an xbox live account? It's not like itll be a simple username/password combination. Plus, I would imagine it would be encrypted.
  24. My ISP blocks incoming port 80 connections, so I have to run Apache on port 80. Its probably against your TOS to host a webserver at home, so dont be surprised if you get caught doing it.
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