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  1. don't you mean FTPS? I have not known there to be an "E" in it anywhere.
  2. If the question has to be asked if it is legal or not, then chances are that it is not legal.
  3. manuel

    Deep Nine

    some kids are stupidly bored and can't wait until they get home to facebook. It is afterall, only a few short hours.
  4. the issue is, that schools must filter all forms of communication, according to CIPA, a law that is in place to prevent students from accessing questionable content in schools. There was a time when we had to block google images here, because the content filter couldn't force safe or strict filtering on search engines. It was the only option we had until we got a different content filter. Now with the one we have, it allows us to have google image search open, while it forces strict search, no matter what happens on the client side. The reality is that as a School IT admin, I'd rather not have to deal with blocking any content at all, but it has to for two main reasons. 1) the law says we have to, 2) there is only a limited amount of bandwidth we have that can be provided to the school, and we have to ensure that access can still occur for everyone. As said earlier in this thread, if you must have access to stuff that is blocked, do it at home. You can wait 8 hours or whatever it is to do your stuff at home.
  5. Or simply live with whatever block they have and not complain.
  6. its ok, sometimes it is best to not know too much, and sometimes it is ok to ask the questions that must be asked :) Welcome to Hak5, keep your hands and feet inside at all times. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Do however google your way out of a torn paper bag. Enjoy your stay, but don't over use your welcome. ;)
  7. I thought it was common knowledge that she is dating/doing Darren. Maybe I'm just trolling again... who knows.... but either way, the answer is yes.
  8. Careful now... I am stealing your IP and hacking your computer right now.... those direct links are redirects of malware so each one is re-infecting your computer with trojans, hi-jackers and rootkits.
  9. vbox is free. there are two versions, one open source and one closed source.
  10. I use a FOG server (Linux install - web-based cloning software ) www.fogproject.org We re-image computers at least 2 times a year here and this makes the job so much easier. In May, they were interviewed by the tightwad tech podcast, http://www.thetightwadtech.com/podcast/?p=...__episode_4.mp3
  11. Or maybe, don't use the computer for personal or questionable uses and you won't have to worry about it.
  12. probably is was given the computer to play on... and learn on... but much good that did, if he isn't able to search freely using google or bing... instead goes to a forum and asks how to revive it... that said, I am trying to not be a dick about it, but at least be willing to read a little.
  13. http://www.techadvice.com/w95/s/start-up_disk_w95.htm http://www.computerhope.com/ac.htm But... all you have to do is boot into DOS (press F8 key immediately after BIOS checks for the keyboard) Then... Edit your config.sys file with teh follwing ocmmand: Edit config.sys it should read something like this: DEVICE=HIMEM.SYS FILES=30 BUFFERS=20 CHANGE IT TO: FILES=30 BUFFERS=20 Because files like himem are system files, just a tad bit of searching online (VERY MINIMAL EFFORT) will point you to places like bootdisk.com or even Microsoft.com and is not considered pirating, more so because the company (microsoft) has previously issued the files for public use for instances like this.
  14. apparently you don't understand Darren's methods for easter eggs. This is a clip from when hak5 was cool.
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