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June Desktops


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Only change is the new WP on my lappy xD Don't use my desktop nearly as much as I used to.

Lappy [1280x800 :: Arch Linux {OpenBox, Conky, PyPanel} ]


Desktop [1440x900 :: WinXP Pro SP3 {Hidden Icons, Rainmeter, Konata Desk Character Thingey} ]


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Unpersons Official Wallpaper (Former Hak.5 Co-Host Darren Kitchen's New Podcast)

I think you mean Wess Tobler, not Darren.

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Wow. I love these desktop threads.

Any chance of a quick description with the caps, explaining whats running to make it look like that, and what youv done? That'd be awesome.

I agree, I edited my post with more detail about each of my desktops.

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Laptop thats in Sig running Windows 7 RC 7100. Pic is of the Castle Bravo Hydrogen Bomb. March 1st 1954 Bikini Atoll Island. Took most of the island with it, killed all vegitation and life on what wasn't vaporized and gave all the other atoll islanders radiation poisoning 300 miles east and poisoning a Japanese fishing boat all but 1 out of 6 died. needless to say we made a boo boo. They thought the bomb would be about 5-6MGT (Megaton) tops and cause of atmospheric conditions and the speeder they used it was 15MGT's. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Bravo info on it if you wana look and yes I know..I have an odd thing about nukes.

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