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This one the most, then Rockshit and if there's still time left (=rare) the Escape Veenendaal (concert venue across the street) forum.

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I'm here a lot, also at HardOCP. I lurk at a handfull of Star Wars collector sites. I used to lurk at BinRev forums but just haven't been around since StankDawg left BinRev radio. That's about it, my attention span will not allow me to try and keep up with to much stuff.

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Here (duh)


Help out fellow Linux users.

Gentoo Forums

Help out fellow Linux users.


College Sports forums; I helped co-found in 2002... now the webmaster and an admin... #1 place for:

Atlantic Sun, Big East, C-USA, MAC, and WAC conferences

Cincinnati, Rice, UAB, ETSU, Memphis, Kent State, Northern Illinois, and Toledo universities.

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Its pretty good for what people on this forum are interested in, just doesn't get as much activity as Hak5.

ye binrev.gifbinary revolution :D its got droops , irongeek , stankdawg etc on it aswell known from numreous other podcast and hack related ip-tv shows

a few things they do is :

*opens podcast folder*

twat_linkbox.png- twatradio -> http://www.twatech.org/

ddp_hr_by_psypherx.jpgddphackradio (containing basenet ,binrev radio, ...)-> http://www.ddphackradio.org/

infonomicon.gifinfonomicon (a lot of cool homebrew hacks back in the start) -> http://www.infonomicon.org/

irongeekbutton.pngirongeek (as with twat a lot of good tutorials) -> http://www.irongeek.com/

and a page witch collects/shows all the latest releases of shows that are related ...hackermedia-linkbox.gifhackermedia -> http://www.hackermedia.org/

and a lot more gr8 stuff

- now back on topic im on the ukcs forums (well usually im banned @this moment for pulling a prank ....

- the hak5 forms

-some //4r3Z forums ....

-and also planning on joining the binrev forums ...

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