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  1. Dunno. Depends on the size of the poster I suppose. You pay $7-8 at most University bookstores for the jumbo sized popular posters .... I think given shipping and autographs $25 sounds butter zone. But it just depends. The level of sheer awesome-0 5000 h4x0r could tempt me higher.
  2. I just watched 3x10 (I'm behind on my netcasts)... and I had an idea I figured I'd vet out here to see if it is practical/of interest: A black poster of the Hak5 logo, autographed with white sharpie/paint pen by all of the Hak5 staff. I'd pay a fair amount for that. A production run of posters wouldn't cost that much, and autographing would take no time. You'd probably eat a little extra money in shipping (uh eh uh eh eh eh uh A SERIES OF TUBES), but still come out way in the black. Thoughts?
  3. Exactly. I've lost count of the number of people who ask me: - Hey I wanna run a server like the big boys ... - Hey I wanna be a big time developer ... - Hey I wanna be a l33t h4x0r ... That then proceed to run Ubuntu in a VM or use crap like this. Quit effing around and install Linux or keep your n00b arse in Redmonland and continue to code awesome-o shareware in Visual Basic.* Or maybe if you're real special, you can create some sleek brushed metal GUI apps in Applescript to do things like remind you that NetInfo Manager is somehow the "intuitive" and "well designed" and "seamless" way to do group permissions in Appleland.** And then the same people act surprised when I laugh and tell them "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" *** * Flame me Vista lovers. ** Flame me Mac fanboys. *** I do help / mentor people who use Linux for free ... but if you're on Windows cough up $60/hr or I won't give you the time of day. $100/hr if you're using fruity Fischer Price variants. What can I say. Managing IT for entire companies with half a dozen+ OS variants and idiots who throw up pseudo love for them right after I have to bail them out can make a guy bitter.
  4. http://www.ncaabbs.com/gts-desktop-feb08.png
  5. you forgot broadcom 802.11 :) lol Those have worked natively in linux since kernel 2.6.17. Trouble is the big binary distros have yet to, for the most part, update to that part. But if you've been using Gentoo -- you've had native and modestly easy Broadcomm support for a year now.
  6. Gentoo. Sabayon is really Gentoo with a pre-compiled binary stack to speed up installation.
  7. Looks like you guys will be blowing by my team here soon. http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.p...p;teamnum=33100
  8. I'll take any spare invites.
  9. I've been Linux only since about 2003. Started way back on Mandrake 7.x ... around mid to late kernel 2.4. Progressed through Fedora and then finally landed on Gentoo, where I will be staying for a long time unless other distros miraculously come up with a software manager as powerful as portage. If it can be done in Windows, it can be done in Linux*. * Does not apply to some Lexmark printers, some ATI graphics cards, and some Direct X games.
  10. It might be a one liner, but is it readable? eval(raw_input("Enter an arithmetic expression: ")) Game, Set, Match Python 6-0 6-0 6-0
  11. We have begun coding in earnest.... I'm handing out SVN access like candy for any Python coder interested. Mad props to omega_ion for joining the team.
  12. Yes, the official docs are a good start. If you can find it for cheap, "Beginning Python" by Apress is a TERRIFIC book, and what I'm using to learn Python. Really, you can start writing basic Python programs in an hour if you put your mind to it. And it's very powerful. A calculator in Python is a one-liner.
  13. Cool. I intend to hand out CVS/Subversion access like candy to people who submit patches ... run things like a real open source project. Just post a message on the SF Project Forum or contact me if you know Python (or want to learn it) and want to contribute.... I'll hook you up.
  14. If it doesn't do dependencies -- it's not package management.
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