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  1. yea that counts bu you might be interested in this http://www.grokdoc.net/index.php/Application_Crossover_Chart very good list but hardly complete
  2. Just wondering if there any here I use linux about 60% now. I would use it all the time if i could install Linux on my school issued piece of crap and by piece of crud I mean LAMEST BOX EVER THOUGHT OF BY MAN!!!!
  3. *cough* yes ircd works with windows i m saying that if you wana do it long term windows begins to well *cough* well its windows and for hevans sake DON'T USE HYBRID IRCD IT SUXS IT REALLY SUCKS and if you have to use windows server 2003 or XP pro
  4. yea just put torpark on ur flash drive and there u go
  5. IRC is tricky to set up but if you really wanna try go wit Unrealircd on LINUX windows is terrible with IRC servers but whatever you do don't get Hybrid 7 or 6 suck no nickserv chanserv or fun oper override
  6. lol but FC3 *cough* Ubuntu Server 6.06 LTS is WAY WAY better and CGI Myspace Proxy not good PHPproxy PWNS :D One more thing you may want to get a dyndns
  7. http://seanj.jcink.com Click Jukebox it pwns
  8. What copyright laws the one that says if it was ever in Wal-Mart its © Sony all rights reserved forever :evil:
  9. Bah why use a proxy when you've TOR TOR rules and from my understanding of TOR its very hard to trace Linux Live CD with TOR installed http://www.jk.net.au/tech/index.php?do=go&...ytternhagen.de/
  10. Ok I screwed up a flash drive royally so i need to format it and for reasons that ar to complex to explain in anything short of a novel to explain i need to do this from a dos boot disk I made one with USB drivers but for some reason it isn't working I've packed the image into a self extractor at http://teengeekslair.com/files/usbdos.exe maybe someone can help a self admited USB n00b out
  11. Name: Teengeek Gender: Male Favorite Game: Pokemon Blue Favorite OS: Dapper Drake Goal in Life To raise my right hand on January 20 of a year fallowing an election and take the oath of office as president of the United States
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