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RTS anyone??

The Sorrow

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@ wire how long till ground control 2 comes out?

It came out in 2004. :lol:

Wikipedia: "However, unlike the previous game's purely real-time tactics implementation, Ground Control II does have a resource system called Acquisition which is earned through the capturing of Victory Locations and destruction of enemy forces."

So I think that kind of ruins it for me.

But I was looking at another game from the same guys, World in Conflict. I'm going to check that out. :)

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just bought DoW2 and patching it on steam automatically . I liked dow1 so looking forward to this but have to go out food shopping so won't get to play it way l8r.

Anyone got any experiences with it?

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Medieval Total War!! :)


Empire Total War!! :)


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greatest of all time in my opinion is command and conquer tiberium sun.

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I gotta go with Red Alert Aftermeth. I own every soul that plays it lol. Brand new RTS could come out that everyone in the world goes after but I stay with Red Alert Aftermeth lol.

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