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  1. Hahaha. Totally make a C interpreter then XD
  2. Haha I would totally be up for making a C interpreter, however I don't see myself making a useful one in the near or distant future :P Was this just an experiment you were conducting Jonnycake? Or do you actually need it done? If you need it done and are not restricted to a language check out C# (looking at the internet it looks like it lets you do what you are trying to achieve a lot easier than C but that is ually the case with C# and C lol) or err BAH i forgot the other language :P I wrote it down at home (YES WITH A PENCIL AND ACTUAL PAPER) but yeah :P
  3. Gyf

    RTS anyone??

    Star Craft: BW, CnC Tiberium Sun and CnC Red Alert 2
  4. Hmm I would completely disagree with that comment :P. Yes gentoo compiles everything from scratch and yes we only have a 1.6ghz atom processor. However people have been compiling with gentoo with 400mhz machines. If you have some patience and can dedicate 1 day to installing + compiling applications with gentoo you will have a fully optimized operating system for your netbook which is more than most other operating systems. I installed gentoo, compiled gnome and fluxbox and some basic applications quite easily within 24 hours (also i was at home so I used my desktop computer) and now i have a gentoo netbook which runs quite fast :P I configured the kernel myself but if you aren't too keen or feel confident enough in configuring your own kernel just head over to google and type in "msi wind gentoo kernel config" or "eeepc gentoo kernel config" or "<insert netbook> kernel config" and you will be greeted with many results! That being said a lot of the binary based operating systems are not bad especially if you head over to a well known site called www.google.com ;) and type in "<your netbook> linux kernel". There are many people that have made optimized kernels for netbooks and i suggest you use them if you are thinking of using linux! EDIT: In response to the actual question XD I would go with a Samsing NC10 or Msi Wind. I have a MSI wind and let me tell you it is built to be modded/upgraded and is absolutely fantastic with a 6 cell batter. It was a nice 10 inch screen and the keys have a nice size! I originally wanted to get a Samsung NC10...they look quite awesome and imo are the best netbooks in the market :P however I didn't feel like ordering one in and just went to the local computer store and got a MSI wind.
  5. Haha...I actually thought about that >_>...don't make a C interpreter :P
  6. I'm not sure if I completely understand you but if i am thinking what you are thinking :P you can use function pointers! :P (as long as the functions have the same return type) So I am going to use these functions: int first_function() { printf("Hey I am the First Function \n"); return 0; } int second_function() { printf("Hey I am the Second Function \n"); return 0; } now lets go ahead and make the main code: //main.c #include &lt;stdio.h&gt; #include &lt;string.h&gt; // Declare Function prototypes int first_function(void); int second_function(void); int main(int argc, char **argv) { //our generic function will be generi_func which will // be assigned one of the two int (*generic_func) (void) = NULL; //just some input parsing that is only used to select //either function and set the address of our temp //function to that needed. if(strcmp(argv[1], "first") == 0) { generic_func = &amp;first_function; return generic_func(); } else if(strcmp(argv[1], "second") == 0) { generic_func = &amp;second_function; return generic_func(); } } //Declare Functions int first_function() { printf("Hey I am the First Function \n"); return 0; } int second_function() { printf("Hey I am the Second Function \n"); return 0; } Now if i run: >gnuc main.c >a.out first this will run the first_function and if i run >gnuc main.c >a.out second it will run the second function (also if you run just >a.out the program will segfault as i made this in a few minutes and didn't put any error checking in) If this is what you were looking for..GREAT!!...if not well sorry but someone else may learn something from it. If it is what you wanted and don't understand some parts just drop me a line!
  7. I'm running windows 7 on my msi wind and it is running fantastically well! I ran the beta on it and now windows 7 is working like a dream. I'm glad that windows 7 will be a viable option as an operating system for netbooks, I tried vista on my wind and well yeah that didn't go to well :P
  8. Favourite game: Commander Keen 4 Favourite OS: Windows and Gentoo (though I triple boot with Ubuntu for my project) Favourite console: Nintendo 64, XBOX classic Nationality: Australian Accent: Australian?? Gender: Male Age: 20 Race: Is this what i consider myself or what my heritage is? (I consider myself to be Australian) Height: 182cm Status: Fluxing Build: Good Favourite band: I don't have a single favourite band. Favourite book: Death From The Skies by Phil Plait Favourite director: Martin Scorsese! Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory at the moment Favourite Comedian: Ross Noble Other hobbies: Gaming, Programming, Electronics, Astronomy Car: Fully Sik Toyota Camry Occupation: Student, Sysadmin Intern
  9. Gyf

    May Desktops

    @dr0p: OMG SNSD!!!! gee gee gee gee I like green and blue :P
  10. Gyf

    Plants vs Zombies

    PvZ is quiet awesome and addictive :P
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