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  1. Lyzon

    Lanschool v7.2

    i couldnt find the new source but heres the source for an earlier version, just no gui http://pastebin.com/MpA8KsbP
  2. Lyzon

    Lanschool v7.2

    Erm, im not sure i still have it. ill have a look tho :)
  3. Lyzon

    Lanschool v7.2

    http://www.mediafire.com/?p999h4ppy5xianr http://www.filefactory.com/file/cb3a136/n/LanSchool_Manager.exe https://rapidshare.com/files/461551717/LanSchool_Manager.exe http://myfreefilehosting.com/f/bffc911a07_0.9MB here you go ppl, prob the last time i will upload so i uploaded to a few diff hosts. Its exactly the same program uploaded years ago with no changes. whether it still works on new ls i dont know as I am too busy with uni work to care. Have fun, and dont get caught :)
  4. Lyzon

    Lanschool v7.2

    Haha, never thought i would see this thread bumped. just by luck i stumbled apon it today... ok let me just find the exe and reupload... :)
  5. Lyzon

    Lanschool v7.2

    no i just mean, it works on lanschool student version < there is an s in the model number. dont no wat it stands for lol
  6. Lyzon

    Lanschool v7.2

    well at my college, we have no rights to : open "run" open "control panel" view "c:\" copy files to hard drive view and delete files to hard drive close any process run anything that needs admin rights... so yea..
  7. Lyzon

    Lanschool v7.2

    Hey ppl ^_^ lol i was just working on something in visual studio and remembered the lanschool manager i made... so i searched it up. lo and behold there are some new posts here :o well i reuploaded it for you xquisite. if u have h20hs and it works fine, no probs. just makin it available again for others ^_^ http://www.mediafire.com/file/1iygnntdtmm/...l%20Manager.exe edit. forgot to add that this still works in version << the s shows up in the version number ... im guessing it means special? or super edition :P
  8. Lyzon

    RTS anyone??

    Starcraft Broodwar ofc :) Still play couple of hours a night. Played 7 strait last night :P iCCup aswell :P also playt snipers on east
  9. Lyzon

    Lanschool v7.2

    The only reason i close it is that i dont feel comfortable with them logging my keystrokes. The latest version of Lanschool (7.2) logs the keystrokes in real time so... how lucky do you feel o0
  10. Lyzon

    Learning PHP

    For the very basics: www.tizag.com www.w3schools.com * I started learning from this site: * www.techtuts.com Its got as good as it was before but with new management in, its looking promising. My account there is Razor so drop me a line if u need some help there Then we have www.php.net. Really all you need if you can understand the documenttation. really easy to use.
  11. That might be a bit of a problem since i want to spend £70 or less :P
  12. @webjockey, lol i like how you think xbox live uses 1 cat5 cable ^_^ about onlive, its only gona be beta tested in the US. Apparently they tried it with austraila and the lag was very noticable. There are alot of articles that challenge the onlive service. Theres a decent article at eurogamer but I forgot the link. If you find it, check it out.
  13. Hey all, i ordered a laptop last week and i would like to go on the internet with it. Thing is i currently dont have a router as everything is hard wired modem ->usb-> pc ->lan-> ps3 I like to think that setup is secure -_- Anyway now that i have a laptop ill need a wireless network in the house. Because theres always the possiblilty of outside intruders on the network, i want it secure as possible. I see WPA2-PSK is the most secure... but can it be cracked? Anyway after searching for a bit, i found this: http://accessories.euro.dell.com/sna/produ...mp;sku=A2571941 On paper it seems good but as ima novice in the network department i was wondering if this router is the best choice for the money. Thx.
  14. I tried askin dell support via live chat... no luck. They are not the most technically knowledgable ppl out there.. I dont really want to spend more on a tv tuner card if i cant record hidef. Is there any custom firmware that would allow it to take input aswell?
  15. Im sure those games dont allow you to record the menus tho :) The game i want to record is motorstorm because im making a walkthrough website for it and need to record some vids. Any ideas if its possible with the studio 17 hdmi port?
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