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  1. In that log you are not playing anything; please start sharky play couple songs and then exit and then post the log please :) sorry for the troubles
  2. Can you post the whole log; the errors you posted seem from a download you made; sorry for the trouble and inconvenience I hope the app is working otherwise :)
  3. I do not but you should just be able to download that tar.gz and run the sharky executable after marking the executable bit. :) I am glad some one is interested thanks for posting :)
  4. There are several things that influence salary. 1) Degree more important for your first job but experience is a lot better but hard to get experience without experience (catch 22). 2) Job market. 3) Location; Location; Location;
  5. Assassin's Creed. Period. First two awesome third should be too. :)
  6. It sounds like he is majorly paranoid a whole complex of everyone is after me, almost a conspiracy theory
  7. If any one has problems running this please post and if you can copy the text from Sharky.log (it will be in the same place as where you ran the app from, probably your downloads folder)
  8. oops sorry about that I am brain dead after midnight I guess ;) It is a pandora and grooveshark desktop application I'll update the post with screenshots momentarily
  9. Sharky A Pandora and Grooveshark Application Try it and it should work runs on vms but please ask about any problems or suggestions :-) Downloads Linux: http://bit.ly/TI0ZOU Windows: http://bit.ly/XGPATX Screenshots
  10. Found this article interesting, and figured for all the irony it is worth to post it on a forum, http://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm . Source: http://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm
  11. It might have not been directly broken plastic but I can guess at least some of those if not many wouldn't have happen with a more durable (used loosely) enclosure,
  12. Ya I have a Dell that is about 15 years old and it still works other than the lcd. But ya it seems either you get thin cheap plastic or insanely durable military spec laptops but not too much in between. Still the thin plastic just baffles me as it is not durable at all especially for something that is suppose to be portable.
  13. Having to recently fix the rubber foot on a laptop I realize something. Who the hell decided that plastic for a laptop shell would be a good idea?!?! Plastic isn't durable at all and I realize pretty much all the problems I have ever fixed on people's laptops have been because the plastic cracks! Really?!? So what are your thoughts on this, have you had similar realizations, do you think plastic is a good material? So now my question is there any company (other than Apple) that makes decent laptops Dell and HP the two major PC makes sell mostly plastic laptops (HP I think has one model that is aluminum); why would you ever make even any laptop out of plastic, it seems so idiotic... Ok there is my rant enjoy :-)
  14. Thanks you very much I appreciate it :-) I did at one point think about that but it is pointless now, just go to http://www.megavideo.com/ and you will see why :-). Also there really is no way to "get around" ip filtering except change your ip address but ya I was thinking of adding proxy support.
  15. Thanks This is how megavideo's 72 minute limit worked. 1. You connected to their servers and downloaded a video 2. After downloading 72 minutes of video (figured out by bitrate and amount downloaded) they would close the connection. 3, When they stopped the connection they would out at the end of the flv file a onCuePoint header that when the flash player would reach that point it would know oh ok this is where the 72 minutes was reached (instead of just the end of the file, in which case it could just be the end of the file) 4. You then had to wait 72 minutes before they would allow that ip address to reconnect (or you could sign up for a premium account (cost money this is why they are being suited they made money off of mostly copyrighted uploads)). So how to get around the block, either change the ip address (either restart you router get a new one from your ISP or use a proxy) Whatever way you got around the limit (changed ip address or wait 72 minutes) you would know have the first 72 minutes of video if you just started downloading again you would again have the first 72 minutes if video and be stopped. However my program you just used the argument --resume and the file of the first 72 minutes and my program calculated the size in bytes where it left off and resumed from their. Now once it had done that it then removed the onCuePoint header and removed any extra flv file headers (from you resuming it put an flv header in their). They it took the files and merged them and saved it and exited.
  16. In what I would call a twisted of irony and rather amusing about two weeks after I made this http://paste.pocoo.org/show/539780/ a downloader script for Megavideo.com videos it is shutdown :) oops ;) Why I made it? Well it was fun and no existing tool was able to download a video past 72 minutes (they cut if off by ip). All in all it was fun and interesting to figured out why merging the two flv files together didn't work (a flash header was in the way)
  17. ZZJ Says to go to http://www.displaymyhostname.com/ and send him what it says (probably can just email him) BTW: HE DOESN'T CHECK THIS
  18. IMO Julian Assange maybe one was trying to support government transparency, but know has become more of a "media whore" and less a the Paragon of Truth and Morality that some people view him as (basically all those people DDOSing Amazon and Paypal because they didn't want to be involved in WikiLeaks). Now on a lighter side, I don't see what the big deal is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeks
  19. Yes they it still works using an api from a while ago but the Grooveshark INIT variables have changed names to window.gsConfig and is declared differently so you will have to change the regular expression if you use that to find it. Also the other change grooveshark is the JSON data is send with hex encoded length information in the form LENGTH 1 in HEX STRING 1 LENGTH 2 STRING 2 ETC... The most data a line can carry is 10000H or 65536 in decimal.
  20. Really!?!? Why? I mean it is about "hacking" but not the kind that the Feds would bother with.
  21. My app still works fine with grooveshark's old api
  22. Zimmer


    Make sure you have a folder in your C: drive that is logs and within that one that is EPIC_21-28
  23. So really what your saying is, FLAME ON :)
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