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  1. I can't design programs to save my life, my code is often being refactored and re written. It can get ugly, maybe I should look into Test Driven Development, nah.
  2. The Stalin thing I just found interesting (History Channel on in the background (they keep bleeping words out damn FCC ;) ). Also I do see your point, though government run utilities are not always the best, look at the wireless spectrum it was so full of regulation there was no place for people to make new innovative things you couldn't continue to keep going up at around 6 ghz a person blocks the signal (IIRC).
  3. That is the main problem it is either allowing capitalism for ISPs or capitalism for Content Providers (except for the few like Google who could probably afford their own ISP and make millions). I still don't trust the government no matter who is in charge. Also here is a somewhat on topic example of freedom of press in Russia if you owned a printing press you would get sent for the gulogs (did I spell that right) for 20 years. (somewhat offtopic)
  4. It is a proposed area for Muslims to gather and I do believe that a Mosque was proposed to be built. The only people who are against it are those who have been caught up in fear for too long and hypocrites who want their freedom but oppose others and oppose it because what they don't realize those fanatics would still be doing what they are, they would find some other retoric to control their followers with. Religious freedom is one of the most important rights and to say they can't build a mosque on private land is disgusting. /rant
  5. Vako wow I wasn't saying that the government would use it immediately for removing political dissidence, that is just one thing government's in the past have used their control when it comes to the spread of information for (Nazi Germany, USSR, North Korea, China). Also what makes it that the government would be any more fair, their are plenty of corrupt manipulative people in the government, also I know the government does monitor traffic with illegal NSA wiretaps, etc but the more in the legal area it becomes the more wide spread if would be used because there wouldn't be as much of it being illegal. Also I have plenty of paranoia don't worry :)
  6. The way I look at it, would you rather have greed decide what sites or slow, or open up the government to have a reason for control (not that they would use net neutrality to control political dissidence, more of a the FCC already regulates ISPs so why not stop violent organizations etc and then I see a very slippery slope). Also if the government does this and puts in hardware to make sure it is followed do you trust them to secure it, not that private companies are that good either but I would say they are definitely better.
  7. Well Net Neutrality comes up every once in a while and with google and verizon's activities recently, I figured I'd ask what your opinion is. I find however that Net Neutrality is two things, there is the idea of it (that you can't arbitrarily slow down certain traffic) and then who and how it is implemented (law, fcc, economic pressures, competition etc). As for my opinion I think most people can guess what it is, well at least on suggested FCC regulation. I don't like it, (suprise suprise) it reminds me too much of a couple countries (China, North Korea, etc). I know in my area we have the option for cable (comcast, at&t dsl, at&t uverse (basically the faster version), several dial up providers (yes I have used that and it is usable (you won't be watching video etc but you can check email etc). Overall I think that net neutrality is a solution waiting for a problem, am I just ignorant of other areas and you can't get internet for any good price?
  8. What about the Vostro Line, I bought it thinking that because it is from the business line it would be better. Oh well, I paid probably 550 $ 3 years ago for it and it still runs (even if the monitor has two positions; closed and 130 degree angle). Then again in the end it is Dell, so they go for price point not quality.
  9. I would recommend staying away from Dell, the one I have now isn't the best built laptop (the hinge screws got stripped (and fixing them lasted for a day); It may be a lot better if you get the onsite warranty ( I never had so that may be a very big decision point for getting a Dell).
  10. Is there any sign of it turning on (blinking lights etc)... If so try power cycling and a hard reboot.
  11. They are both good in their respective formats (movie and tv). I just feel overly geeky in analyzing two fictional characters, though to avoid that I find that Bourne was more capable with less time as long as he had the available tools and Weston to be more inventive. Oh god so geeky !:)
  12. Ya I'll just need a couple trillion years. My fee is .001 cents per password.
  13. Simple ones dead the other is going to kill itself because of privacy issues.
  14. Wondering what some of your favorite technology blogs and site are... For example one I found was http://www.applegazette.com/ and have been reading back posts of it Also what are some ways you find these sites?
  15. I would guess Mac filtering or maybe just limits connections to just one pc that manages it. Did you try and see if any other computers were connected to that network
  16. Nice these seem like good suggestions :)
  17. Sorry I wasn't trying to post an item to sell (I don't think anyone would buy or what I would set as the starting price would be, if you want you can make an offer but I was just trying to point out that some old junk you don't want).
  18. for invite only auctions on ebay just make it a bunch of garbage, finding stuff is based on search, so if you can find it, it might as well be invite only, course that would limit bidders and be counter intuitive Also for the old junk I have a 10 year old laptop (192 mb ram (or is it 128 I can't remember) 500 mhz proc, integrated vid (runs win 2k and xubuntu fine but the lcd is acting up (it whites out weird) ) is that what you mean by junk? I'll take buyers :)
  19. It is more than one users complaints its many
  20. I would say start out with something simple, say a game (you can look up one I made in the coding challenge (search on forum)); make it text base etc and if you want to know a way to do something ask and google.
  21. Ok the question I have to ask; Why do you want a netbook? Cheap? Look at craigslist and ebay (heck a macbook you can get for 400$ (or a little more depends) and probably others for cheaper) Light? Well then I guess hard to beat but you do loose screen size but look at 13.3 inch laptops
  22. Ya it was easy, also for the Apple update just don't and it would still work. Also a warning I jailbroke and installed terminal and well the ipod froze after I clicked reboot on cydia then went into a start reboot freeze take ten minutes and just see apple logo, to solve iTunes won't recognize the iPod while it is booting so do this: ******* Warning this will make you lose everything (you can resync with a backup and be fine) but it will hopefully fix the problem ********* 1. Hard Reset (Both Home and Power Button for 10 seconds) 2. How Hard Reset to apple logo apears 3. Put it in recover mode by releasing the power button but keeping holding the home button until an iTunes symbol and a cord appear (connect to iTunes picture) 4. Connect to iTunes and restore :(
  23. Ya the auto run vector is gone pretty much (I am running xp, and I have auto run on cds (I'm lazy) and also I just never considered it a dangerous attack vector, if I am away my computer is locked so no auto-run and if I am there I don't let people just plug in shit). Though the bios boot usb is getting wider (with more supporting it) though a little harder (though hold power button and plug in is still pretty easy (especially if you make it look like it is booting windows and then do its damage (looking like windows) then "error" (so it turns the computer off with no suspiciousness, and then unplug and they would think oh stupid windows memory error let me reboot) )
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