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  1. Well once there is only six letters left we could brute force it (though 9 and higher would be to much (course we could use words only in the dictionary etc).
  2. Its an app to listen (apparently) to last.fm, it was just linked to and looked like a cool app (with a focus on gui pron), its not mine or anything (my gui's are crap).
  3. Thought I might just mention this, to download http://www.thirteen23.com/experiences/desktop/echo/ the link is http://www.thirteen23.com/experiences/desk...cho.application (its committed out in the src so it doesn't appear in the browser unless you view the source).
  4. Ya Live Free or Die Hard really got me into the series (which upon watching the others (and realizing I saw one of them already) I realized that Die Hard 4 was the worst (same with Star Wars) ) and it also got me more into computers (even before seeing Die Hard 4 I knew the hacking was BS) (though I was already interested in computers)
  5. Fucking Awesome Movie; but you have to basically shoot that annoying part of your head that looks for every unrealistic thing in any movie. Still fucking awesome (more of a movie that doesn't care to much about an easy flowing plot etc)
  6. Oops thought I had both linux (and macosx) and windows versions in there, I will upload the new version. Also can you paste the grooveshark.log (in the app folder) here
  7. Heh me to, though it would be quite a commute to NY :)
  8. Little news clip on white hack hackers http://www.hilarymason.com/blog/my-code-is...tv-and-so-am-i/ got it from http://www.hilarymason.com who was also talking about auto email responding http://lifehacker.com/5548646/remains-of-t...ll-shell-script
  9. I just check the json. If it's empty then I don't add it to the song keys or servers and so it is essentially skipped . I am thinking of adding some checking when I return the search results or something like that.
  10. Ya I did that neither return song keys json. So it might do it based on wether they have song keys.
  11. tinysong, what is that? I just use the JSON api and it has been working fine.
  12. Could it be a different key based on when position it is at on the keyboard (like on my laptop it is up top by prin scrn but on a standard keyboard it is usually at the bottom in between alt and ctrl)?
  13. Ya, that has had some major errors It does download Also when you play a song it downloads it (so there is not need to click the download button if you played that song)
  14. mplayer had much more stable playback and there was a lot of hacks to get wx Media Player working, so with the revised playback organization with the backend code, it was a LOT easier to use mplayer. Notice though it still does not support scrobbling :(.
  15. It was with plenty of trace, he left, I believe, because he wanted to focus on his job. Also his name was Matt.
  16. My advice, DON'T DO IT. It would be an awesome project, but the legal repercussions, it would be like running a TOR end node, you would be opening up a huge legal door.
  17. Could have faked a keyboard, and "pressed" keys that shutdown computer.
  18. New Release of Sharky Download here for all systems (note for mac replace mplayer.exe with mplayer.app and for linux replace mplayer.exe with whatever mplayer binary you use (and name it mplayer, no extenstion (cause unlike windows or mac I don't know the executable extension (plus they probably vary)) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ti3njknyuwy
  19. In which case you could just re name it back to what it was and reboot and probably no more BSOD (don't know why it wouldn't remove the BSOD just can't guarantee)
  20. It wasn't either, it was wanting to program a GUI, but all of them used Object Orientation. I was going through a podcast called Python411 and one was on OOP, as I listened to that, OOP finally clicked and how it all came together and worked.
  21. Do both. Follow tutorials and code to learn. I just coded to learn and I found my code sometimes awful because I didn't know more efficient ways of doing it (because I already knew away). Or when I started to learn OOP that was a beast.
  22. Sure great you found the answer and now you have part of Alice in Wonderland. But the real knowledge comes from the journey not the solution. :)
  23. Interesting :) Also here is a simpler implementation of the Vigenère Cipher # Simple Vigenère cipher import string a = string.ascii_uppercase def translate(p_text, k_text): 'Translates p_text to the correct corresponding letter of k_text' for p in string.punctuation: # strips any punctuation p_text.replace(p, '') # translate letters cipher_letters = [] for index, letter in enumerate(p_text): k_index = index % len(k_text) cipher_letters.append(k_text[k_index]) return cipher_letters def encrypt(p_text, k_text): 'Give plaint text and password, it will return encrypted text.' p_text = p_text.upper() k_text = k_text.upper() # strip any punctuation for p in string.punctuation: p_text = p_text.replace(p, '') cipher_text = [] cipher_letters = translate(p_text, k_text) for index, letter in enumerate(p_text): p = letter k = cipher_letters[index] cipher_number = (a.index(p) + a.index(k)) % 26 cipher_text.append(a[cipher_number]) return ''.join(cipher_text) def decrypt(c_text, k_text): 'Give plaint text and password, it will return decrypted test.' c_text = c_text.upper() k_text = k_text.upper() # strip any punctuation for p in string.punctuation: c_text = c_text.replace(p, '') cipher_text = [] cipher_letters = translate(c_text, k_text) for index, letter in enumerate(c_text): c = letter k = cipher_letters[index] cipher_number = (a.index(c) - a.index(k)) % 26 cipher_text.append(a[cipher_number]) return ''.join(cipher_text) if __name__ == '__main__': print 'Running Test Text' print 'P: CRYPTO' print 'K: ABCDEF' print 'C: %s' % encrypt('CRYPTO', 'ABCDEF') print 'D: %s' % decrypt(encrypt('CRYPTO', 'ABCDEF'), 'ABCDEF')
  24. Well I have dumped mplayer, so a lot of time has been wasted but also a lot of headaches avoided.
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