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  1. Well I think there are several factors for the 4G iPhone 1 It was designed to look like a 3G model (so they could have, however unlikely mistook it) 2 They may have tried to find who's it was 3 They found an iPhone 4G they didn't necessarily steal it As for 1 it kinda falls apart once they realize it was a 4G (and they did realize it). But it is Apple, I have no empathy for them.
  2. It would be awesome to see any of the US presidents, even if it was Clinton or Obama or Bush (and even more awesome if I could ask them a question (so many to choose from))
  3. I can't even do any of the projects with 1.8 ghz proc and 446 mb ram, wouldn't be much help. :-)
  4. If it did get into the drive oh well I just got a 1TB drive couple months ago and transfered my iTunes stuff there (instead of just on the iPod (I already lost it once but Apple allowed my to re download the but content (there customer service is extremely nice IMO (they even gave me one song credit (I know 1 song not much but they didn't have to)))). The one thing that I am wondering is all the news about iPhone OS 4 and well iPhone 4G and I am wondering how long until they bring those features to the Touch (and they might have a new Touch version?)? Anyone knows if the iPod Touch 3 gen (32 and 64 gb versions (is the 8 gb on apple.com a 2g (that is what I get from reading wikipedia))) work with regular headphones (and not just the apple ones (with the mic and everything)?
  5. Ya I figure I'd buy an iPod Touch, also if my iPod still worked it would be hard to sell (I have a feeling nobody wants the biggest iPod with the biggest storage and it isn't a touch). And I can now take it apart and not worry about damaging it :-).
  6. Any suggestions for reviving a ipod classic (160GB) that went swimming. I put it by a hair dryer and then rice, and nada. Not even the BIOS detects and not hard drive spin up etc. Any last ditch suggestions?
  7. Yes I knew it was a april fools joke, see the white text below it, it says "Yes I know"
  8. No reason to be sorry, I just figure better safe than sorry. :) Ha that would be :)
  9. TornadoChaser posting it on the boards means the people running Grooveshark know we know and will change it faster.
  10. Mine is already update :P (though sense I am not done with the plugin or option GUI interface doesn't make much difference).
  11. It seems fine from what I can tell (though you have to use https). Also Just completed the plugin system Plugin.py # Plugin Interface class Plugin(object): '''Implement the methods and then put them into a file.''' def __init__(self, frame): self._author_ = 'Author' self._description_ = 'Plugin Description' self._name_ = 'Plugin Name' self._keywords_ = 'Keywords about Plugin' self._other_ = {}# other information; on running iterates through the keys and values and sets them up along with the above self.main_frame = frame # main frame that the plugin can acces any attributes, etc def render(self): ''' This is the method called and starts up the plugin. This sets up the gui panel etc. You can set it up by referance to the main frame. ''' raise NotImplmentedError('Error: You need to subclass this or create an instance of it and then modify that.') Example Plugin # test plugin from plugin import Plugin class Foo(Plugin): def __init__(self, frame): self._author_ = 'Zimmer' self._description_ = 'Example Plugin' self._name_ = 'Example Plugin Foo' self._keywords_ = 'example; Foo; useless' self._other_ = {'other_field': 'Info on other field', 'other field 2': 'other field info 2'}# other information; on running iterates through the keys and values and sets them up along with the above self.main_frame = frame # main frame that the plugin can acces any attributes, etc def show_message(self, event): msg = wx.MessageDialog(self.main_frame, message = 'Hello; this is an example action a plugin can do.\n\nI know that this is such a usefull example') msg.ShowModal() def render(self): print 'rendering controls' self.run_plugin_bttn = wx.Button(self.main_frame.panel, -1, label = 'Click Me; I am an example', size = (200, 40), pos = (100,50)) self.main_frame.Bind(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.show_message, self.run_plugin_bttn) if __name__== '__main__': # example Frame # test frame to display it in the non plugin framework import wx app = wx.App(redirect = False) frame = wx.Frame(None, -1, title = 'Foo Test Window') frame.panel = wx.Panel(frame, -1) p = Foo(frame) p.render() frame.Show() app.MainLoop()
  12. I hear the startup costs are a lot, you know the hardware and all :P ;)
  13. Windows XP may be old but it is still awesome and works fine. Well mince the Dell touchpad causing issues. Then again I run it on 446 mb integrated graphics and a 1.8 ghz proc. Oh and I play Command and Conquer 3 on it too :)
  14. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/dif...mpany-name.html Yes I know.
  15. I'd love to see the source :). Also as for ui, I have read some stuff on ui design, and a lot of it is stick with the native look, basically stick what with the user knows and also what is intuitive and simple.
  16. Well I almost have the player done (ZigZagJoe how did you do your time bar (the blue progress bar, GDI?) (yes I am trying to emulate ZigZagJoe's player progress bar :) (but not all of it :)).
  17. Well I was about to have some sad news, but I right before I was about to post I had an epiphany :). My laptop's power was dead (I'm still not going to buy from Dell ever again) and it seemed that it was the motherboard. Well I still have no clue but I can boot (if I have a charged battery) and then run on AC power from the plug (it won't charge (dell has an id chip that if the tiny wire is broken the BIOS refuses to charge (it still receives power though)). Also I got my files to another computer. Anyways an indefinite suspension from this app moving forward was averted. and now I am back getting the app almost done :). Note to self: I need a blog :P
  18. It is blocked for a reason. Also a) it is illegal(I am guessing you are downloading TV shows etc), if you are downloading linux, download from http and ask B) wait until you get home, if you don't have internet at home, buy it , though you should be doing this if it is illegal c) it is the school network etc, they pay for it and allow you to do SCHOOL work not download tv shows or movies.
  19. Zimmer

    Were Is Wiki

    check the internet archive. as for search engine caches they MIGHT have them (highly doubt it though)
  20. Nice I have a version that is working pretty well but still rather unstable. Also I probably should mark that it is broken on the front page :) Oh by the way. the new version will have an update checker it will have a improved player improved backend code base no more lock ups, uses twisted now (so no more httplib2 :)) oh sorry no pandora support YET :( :( !!!!! I learned a lot (wait what, you don't think that is a plus ;))
  21. Awesome site just checked this out, will definitely be helpful thanks :) :)
  22. I am still working on it, but some problems with the network framework (twistedmatrix.com) are causing playback problems :(.
  23. open up task manager and kill mplayer.exe, fixes everything.
  24. Ya I am working on a new version, but it also is the time that I converted the code to use twisted (http://www.twistedmatrix.com) so it also involved a lot of code rewrite and learning about asynchronous programing. On the upside, almost done :)
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