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  1. Ya, Grooveshark broke that app a while ago, they changed how to get the token.
  2. Yay one political thread I didn't start :). As for the issue I say the US needs to stay out of it, we tried to help Iraq (look what happened, everyone hates us for doing that), stay out of other nations issues (well I guess this is a little bit more of an issue sense Britain is out ally), it still seems that Argentina wants it for the oil and the only reason Britain won't give it back is for the oil, so go Britain (sense well I think we would be better of with an ally having it than Argentina) :) As for oil, we need to find an alternative (no not for the environmentalists!) and no not because we are running out of oil but to remove an future dependency on oil (we get most of ours from Cananda of all places).
  3. It is almost done, still working on mplayer interaction, but the gui is almost finished and the grooveshark backend is done (except for streaming support, it is still being worked on).
  4. http://yro.slashdot.org/story/10/02/10/145...rship?art_pos=4
  5. Ok I see your point, but with taxes are NOT optional where as you choosing to buy which medicine brand or even not buying some (ok there are some you NEED but I am thinking of cough medicine and the like). So with public research they automatically get taxes, there is no reason to be efficient and not waste money (what they won't get funding, sorry but taxes are not optional (ok so the government chooses another firm (not if this one has some buddies in government (like the MPAA and RIAA)))). So either situation you pay, now do you want control (pay on demand) or risk (pay up front (MAY be cheaper (but I don't think so (reasons above)))). Oh and whether public or private there is going to be greed and profit above anything (yes there is profit in public), so if they do put profit before lives use that against them hurt their bottom line.
  6. I have been contemplating this some more. We get insurance to pay for unexpected costs (like a flood or fire) and the medication can be expensive. But why? a) it costs money to research and make sure it is safe (FDA etc). B) Exclusivity, often generic is cheaper but patents provide exclusivity and so they can charge a lot for it (to recoup research costs and make money (profit)) so I think it is not health care insurance that is the complete problem but patents and copyright (if they where more reasonable than prices for meds (and other things cough MPAA RIAA cough )) that allow price ups. But with out profit incentive then no new drugs come to market (or not as fast). So I think there are some things that can help that isn't just health care insurance changes. Just my options. Oh and this is before I read the wikipedia article on generic drugs heh seems my thought process is affirmed :)
  7. So they have the literal string "theColorIsRed". that is weird.
  8. So those who believe in God don't live their life as good as possible? (I understand your point)
  9. will enjoy lookig at the code :)
  10. Take a look at twisted, at first you will have a huge headache then you will be happy and gay singing away (I'll be glad to help :) also see irc.freenode.net #twisted and twistedmatrix.com)
  11. Well it points to a problem with the client so I am guessing the client rev # or the user agent
  12. That would be a dictionary You see the json.loads creates a dictionary (yes like a dictionary) basically a dictionary is well like a dictionary (so key - value or apple - a sweet fruit) the syntax is {key: value, second_key: second_value} or {'apple': 'a fruit', 'orange': 'another fruit'} so say you have x = {'apple': 'a fruit', 'orange': 'another fruit'} then you do print x['apple'] you get a fruit as a result but if you do print x['non existent value'] or x['peach'] in our example you get the key error
  13. Zimmer

    bye Matt

    Bye Matt, You segments on virtualization were interesting. All the best. :-)
  14. Version Data: 2010.6.7.1 END DATa
  15. Wow thanks for all the feedback :-). As for gui I have never had any "formal training" and I often just start coding but then again I also don't understand such things that are regarded as standard or good practice (unit testing, design patterns etc.), but this is probably because I have never even followed a tutorial for coding (well python I did for a little bit but then just started learning by what I needed). As for designing class, etc I would (if I even do) just usually open up a new text file and start writing ideas etc. BTW: any one got any good tuts on unit testing (all those I found never show why, it seems all those things they test for (as example )they already now are errors (and therefore why not just handle any errors))?
  16. There is plenty you can do, tell that ISP to go screw itself and get a new one. :)
  17. Well the next release should be soon now that finals are almost over for me. Sorry about all the errors.
  18. It was meant as a joke. I thought it was obvious what the joke was at.
  19. That explains it. As to what "that" is I will leave you to figure out.
  20. First lean python 2 NOT 3 also the guy that is often pointed to on #python on irc.freenode.net is http://tinyurl.com/thinkcspy. So first learn python 2 and a good guide would be http://tinyurl.com/thinkcspy
  21. I just changed the link. It is the "old" link but different url
  22. Ya I updated the links it should work now.
  23. BTW Just an update this is not dead I am working on a rewrite that will make it easier to add features, etc.
  24. Sparda if you just want to tick the box then install Clam AV, or is it not an AV because the business didn't pay for the certs or whatever?
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