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Sex Offender or Linux User


why didn't I just look at the url of the picture a long time ago and notice it was for a newspaper.

Though currently he is an alleged sex offender and it is possible that linux is his OS of choice. So he could be neither or both.

P.S. Now I can start the process of trying to remove that image from my head.

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This is an easy one.


Richard Matthew Stallman, Free Software Foundation and GNU creator.

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Some of these quotes on the news article comments are pricless.

If I parent a daughter dumb enough to travel on a bus across state lines to meet up with a guy like this, he can have her. I'll just rear a new child and chalk the first one up as defective.

Dang. He's down the money for a bus ticket and didn't get any. I wonder if i can get his WOW character?
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Sigh, you all can't be like me.

You wouldn't happen to look anything like this would you?



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yeah but usually just gets called God by most people.

Im gonna have to disagree and say Kevin Mitnick was the proverbeal "god" user back in the day. The only guy to sit in jail long enough for the laws to change around him and catch up with the times so they could put him on trial because they were so afriad of him and what they thought he could do with computers, they just let him rot for a few years in a cell. He spent 5 years without a trial, only to be on "pre" trial for the entire time he was in there. Becasue of their fear of him(and being highly pissed off at what he accomplished - hacking SUN, the FBI,etc), they put the man in solitary for almost a year. I remember hearing he wasn't even aloud to have access to a pocket calculator for fear he may hack something with it. You would have thought he was worse than Charles Manson or something for the way they treated him. Now he does security consulting, bascially telling people how to do what put him in jail.

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Mitnick and ESR is like apples and oranges. ESR is the hacker of old and in my opinion still the true definition of a hacker. Mitnick certainly was good, but by his own admission not the best, because he got caught. There are many guys out there who are on and above his level.

The wo can't be compared and although Mitnick is considered the cooler of the two, I definitley have a mountain of respect for ESR and his conributions. Read The Cathederal and the Bazaar ( I think all geeks/nerd should read it at least once.)

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