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  1. I am very excited. Just a couple more weeks. I persume you have seen www.listerscominghome.co.uk
  2. If you have a IP address of 169.254.x.x it means you are not actually connected. This is an IP address you get if your computer did not receive an address from dhcp. I would suggest trying to set you IP address manually and then see if you can connect to the fon.
  3. Are you sure that is Stallman? Were is his katana
  4. SEX OFFENDER! why didn't I just look at the url of the picture a long time ago and notice it was for a newspaper. Though currently he is an alleged sex offender and it is possible that linux is his OS of choice. So he could be neither or both. P.S. Now I can start the process of trying to remove that image from my head.
  5. I had forgotten about TiSP. But that reminded me of facebook's Live Poke
  6. I was wondering with april fools coming up what are the can't miss april fools websites I would have to start with Thinkgeek.com Are there any other websites with a tradition for april fools?
  7. Maybe we should start a linux user or supermodel game at least the pictures would be easier to look at.
  8. Got to go with linux user because thinking of him possibly having sex is just too offensive especially with whatever the open sore is. It not only looks like he has he not slept with anyone in a long time it looks like he just has not slept in a long time.
  9. This looks like it is one of those "because I can" projects. It is the only reason I can figure that you would go to that much trouble on a system that old.
  10. The term "addiction" is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Addiction :D In other words I approve of your resilience.
  11. I seem to let people know without trying. I was talking to a few friends at a coffee shop and one said "my nerdometer is maxing out" And he is a computer science major and wearing a shirt that said so many books and so little time. So when you can make a pretty geeky person state in public that he is getting uncomfortable because the conversation is too nerdy I think I'm doing it right.
  12. Pwnage coming to a city near you. Hak5 09 Tour Then on the side of the van put all the cons or events you will be going to.
  13. I somehow found Hak5 during season 1 about episode 3.5 I think I was just googleing iptv at the time. I have watched ever since. There were many things I have learned from various episodes through the years. I think that it is shows like this that keep me from stagnating and getting satisfied with what I already know always showing new and cool things to explore and play with.
  14. I would say age affects my perspective. Not necessarily for better or worse but just different. I will explain something to a 75 year old computer newbie different then to a 10 year old computer newbie. Even though they are at the same skill level they understand and relate to the world in very different ways. I know that age‚Ȇability. I though for one have always looked down on people who have purpose mislead about there age I have always found it childish.
  15. The way I usually try to find a problem device is by segmenting the network. I have used this to find bad switches, bad NICs, and a rouge dhcp. I will usually setup something like a continuous ping, wireshark or dhcpfind by roadkill. then I start at the fiber and disconnect a building at a time till i know which building. Then I go to that building and disconnect a switch at a time till I find which switch then unplug each jack until I know which jack the device is plugged into, look up the location of that jack and go get the device. The downside of this technique is you are disconnecting a lot of users. The upside is you will have the device in you hand in about 5 minutes, and you didn't need to use any fancy software or hardware.
  16. soundguymike


    I believe you mean renderman. The creator of the teddy-net
  17. I believe this is because your system has already assigned a letter to it so it keeps it instead of refreshing and getting a new one. You should be able to fix this in disk management.
  18. When I saw the topic i though of that exact video as my answer for best use of leds.
  19. I have way too much to say about this topic being that I work at a school. First off if all they do is take text books and put text on the computer it will fail. If they do not invest in the infrastructure and personnel to maintain computers it will fail. It will not be easy or cheap but will if done right tablets can be a great benefit to education. First problem to overcome is that of physical damage. This is simple do it the same way as text books if you damage you have to pay for it. Second is of content this is not very good but is getting better everyday. Here is an example. Third is of monitoring of the student to make sure there time is spent productive. This is only solved by a good teacher who is aware of the class. Software can help but doesn't replace a good teacher. Fourth problem is equipment failure I will break this down into two parts, software and Hardware. Software is fairly easy you can use a program like deep freeze as well as having a good system for quick wiping and imaging of machines. To take care of a hardware failure all you need to do is order plenty of extras I would suggest about 10% more then needed then if a computer is broken you simply replace it and since you have an image it will be just like there old computer. If the computer is broken due to neglect or misuse then they would be responsible for the repair costs. The one problem though that does not have an easy solution is that a parent might not want there kid being responsible for a $2000 piece of equipment when they would be the one who would have to foot the bill. I believe that having computers is a good thing. The main reason is because I feel it is more important to teach someone how to learn instead of teaching them set of facts, and I know in my adult life if I have something I want to learn about my first stop is usually a computer. Also I have issues with modern day textbooks because they are made to sell to the politician not actually be a useful tool in education. A good example of this is a anecdote by Richard Feynman
  20. If it is a rubber maybe try staining it instead of painting it. I'm not sure what would work best but you could try items like wood stain, ink, fabric dye, Hair coloring, Sharpie. They all might do the job and they are fairly cheep.
  21. Looking at the website it seems that this unit does connect to its servers and can uniquely identify itself. It has as one of the features is tracking how much time/money is left on your ipark. This means that it communicates and uniquely identifies itself to the servers. Therefore the key is most likely generated at payment and expires when a machine has used it. My guess the best way to try to hack this system would be try to find a digital photo display that is the same size and shape as the screen in the ipark. Rip out all the innards and put the photo frame in its place. Then put the digital photo frame on a 1 second slide show with a pictures of what the ipark looks like when counting down. Then it looks like it is working. Of course the parking attendent would be able to log into eparkssystems.com and see that something was up.
  22. This seems neat but I'm still a little confused about your idea. Are you planning on building all these things yourself or buying premade components and putting them together. Are you planning on doing all the remodeling before moving in or will it be an ongoing process. I for one hope you try to build as much as you can. The lighting and security and cameras and av equipment I think will be fairly easy. All the equipment needed exist for these items to communicate and be controlled by a computer. You would need to build a user interface and put it on the web. As far as the bathtub just think of it as a large washing machine. use a solenoid to control the water flow. A pressure valve to control the amount of water and a peristaltic pump on a trimmer to add the soap. If you need to know how those work together watch The secret life of machines. A peristaltic pump is not covered in that video but it is fairly simple. Info can be found on Wikipedia. And for having it controlled by the internet I would suggest using a light controller and instead of wiring it to a light bulb wire it to a the bathtub control board so it turns on the solenoid. Well whatever you do make sure you take some pics or even a video or two.
  23. WOW! That seems a bit beyond my capabilities. I say linux because I know there is no way of me getting the tens of thousands of dollars for a Cisco's 4400 managed wireless. clarification: Yes I am stuck with wireless zero config manager in windows. We have 2 mobile labs consisting of 25 laptops which 1 can be anywhere on the the second floor one for the other could be anywhere on the first. We also have two grant laptop labs which stay in the same rooms. What I was figuring was get a decent server that would be the WLAN controller and then have wrt54g, fon or (whichever cheap hackable router I can find) being manged by the WLAN. The main features I want to have are the ability to automatically choose power and channel for optimum coverage. As well as the ability to detect problems and adjust accordingly.
  24. This seems to me like something that would have been done by now but I can't seem to find an answer. So my question is there a way to create a managed wireless network with the use of cheap routers and linux. I work at a school and currently we are using about 12 wrt54gl routers with ddwrt. These though are all setup as individual Access points with a common ssid. I was wondering if there is a better way, maybe setting up a fon with linux on it in each classroom and then have a server managing them all. The main design requirement that is causing problems is our 3 mobile labs where there are 25 laptops all in the same classroom. With the possibility of being next door to another room with 25 computers and above a first floor room with 25 computers. Any other recommendations would be welcome.
  25. I would have to say Start with Ct' offline update before connecting your computer to the network is important. Then a good hosts file which the windows securer program manages for you. Other then that a good antivirus is helpful And there is never a replacement for a smart user. (in other words you mom will always find a virus no matter what you put on her computer) I presumed you are going for a home system style setup and not something like deep freeze
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