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Check out my next case for my gaming rig


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No, the ATCS 220B could not keep up with the cooling because it was too small. The reason I bought the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro (plug) was that the crappy Intel stock fan came loose and the mounting pegs were not locking. My CPU now stays pretty cool 44 - 48 (According to Speed Fan). Although the thermal compound has not set just yet so I will have to wait for it to cure to get a better reading.

The 3 230mm and 5 120mm fans keep everything nice and cool, Now i just need to find a good Fan Header (Controller) for all the bloody fans so I am not using up all the Molex connectors.

If I ever do something that stupid GCNinja you have my permission to pistol whip me.

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g-ram: I use all stock fans with my computer (it was a monster on a budget xD ), and, if the room it was in was completely silent, you would be able to tell when its on or off. Definitely. But the room I am in has all the other computers in it and a really old, and loud network switch. So, by comparison its quite quiet. But, it does cool quite well... if I hadn't taken out the fans on the top to fit in the PSU, it would be even better (better flow, sucking in and blowing out in two directions).

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