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  1. I have that installed, but i cannot use it to connect to my PC? Do you have a tut on it.
  2. It has a client built in? I cannot locate it - i will be RDP'ing into an XP PRO machine.
  3. Hey, I need to bypass a firewall, to get on; hotmail, youtube etc. I tried Adito following darrens video, i can connect and use the web forward to get on google but i cannot get onto hotmail and youtube videos give errors - so i was thinking can i get a secure, safe RDP into a machine at home, allowing me to do everything and give me a physical desktop with my files aswell. Need's to be secure really. Mark.
  4. It will only be on for around 5 hours a week if my internet goes down. i shall try pfsense, as that's as the majority votes :)
  5. sorry for the late response, i didn't think any one had replied as i didn't recieve an email. I have 2 wireless nics and 5 LAN nic's lieing around, Plan; 1 wireless coming in 1 wireless going out 1/2 wired going out SoftAP mode the way to go?
  6. Hey, I've got a pentium3 box next to me smiling, he wants to be used. My friends wifi accross the way (MR WEP) is only just reachable from my home, what i was proposing to do was to put a wifi card in this P3, with an external antenna and then re-feed the wifi into my house. That way i get a nice signal and i don't need to buy wireless cards for every PC i have, and definately not my netbook. Would would also be nice is if i can then wire it into my main PC, via ethernet from my PC access point? Wakka, any ideas guys? Been hunting for a while, no luck.
  7. Hey, I recently purchased an acer aspire one AOA150 netbook and got to work installing XP PRO, worked no problem but.. then i tried backtrack 3, can i get it to work? no! I booted it from USB and successfully cracked my WEP *cough* as a test run, all is OK so i then attempted a harddrive install, fail. After an hour or so trying to do it manually in the end it was there but i cannot scan for networks, which wireless do i use? - ath0 - wifi0 Any good guides on dual booting XP and BT3? Much appreciated, Mark.
  8. The link to the torrent seems to be down, are these still avaliable as the mass 40gb?
  9. Looks good, there are also alot of features built into freeNAS like torrent support if you have a poke around . :)
  10. Mark

    WPA Help

    Is the new cowpatty in backtrack3?
  11. Nice! Plenty of room and airflow.
  12. This is a hack forum, what if i was to say it was for a friend? Or just how to extract a registry key.
  13. Well it's not really.
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