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  1. I'm currently a programmer doing web and windows based programs for a processing company and from this end of the field most companies don't care for the certs when it comes to a programmer, but for some reason they like the idea of security/network guys with them. I'm planning on moving back to do networking (been a few years since I actually did it OTJ), so I am wondering if you guys have any good resources or suggestions on some books or writers that are good for things like Network+, Security+, etc. tx
  2. Ya looked at that one, but decided to go with OOLER MASTER HAF 932 RC-932-KKN1-GP Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case. Loving the this case. Had room for my BigWater cooler and multiple 5 1/4 drives.
  3. Nice, thats what I'm looking for. Just need to get them better at SEO so i can find them in a search. Tx
  4. K, but that only handles DVDs right? Or will it handle the CD the same?
  5. Does anyone know of a free app that can create ISO files from DVD and CD? I am currently using MagicISO, but you have to pay to keep using it according to their site.
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