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  1. Bioshock 2 Half Life 2 EP:3 Assisns Creed 2 CoD Modern Warfare 2
  2. So that they no longer have to resort to piracy to get their lulz (or money, as the case may be)
  3. I was originally in CS and then I realized I wanted to work with the hardware some more. so now im majoring in Comp Eng. and I love it! I figure I could still get my masters in CS or even get a CS career if i wanted to.
  4. g-ram

    Windows 7 rc

    2 am last night i downloaded it after waiting 30 min or so to get through all of the circles.....
  5. I am in complete agreement with everything you said.
  6. I haven' t had a chance to sit down and do anything with the test yet, but it reminds me of www.hackthissite.org . hope to see more of this from you guys in the futre :) love, CyKeD
  7. g-ram

    whats this

    ManwithWhiteFishForehead Kicking Game?
  8. aspire one can run osX86... eee cant. 'nuff siad... lol but seriously, I'm in the same boat as you are and I'm leaning heavily towards a 10 inc aspire one. The atheros chipset, amazing firepower, upgradable battery life, and the ability to run osx? if the eee can produce similar results, I might go for it, but for now, I'm in the acer crowd
  9. You sir, just gave me an idea for a project. Thank you.
  10. I see what you did there.... (Not really, I'm actually legally blind.)
  11. Darren just tweeted about this yesterday. Here's the link to his blog post: http://www.darrenkitchen.net/how-do-you-us...video-switching
  12. if it did, you could use it to locate, and map wifi hotspots... not that anyone would be out wardriving or anything...
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