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  1. I bought the game and it is a lot of fun! Defiantly worth picking up!
  2. Nitrous71988

    Quake Live

    I tried it awhile ago but i took me so long to find a game if it takes less time to find a game I would be willing to play this game again.
  3. That's quite a case you got there webjockey! ^_^
  4. Yeah ZP is pretty funny been watching for awhile.
  5. You can save more money if you built yourself or if you have a friend who can build one for you or help you build one. But it's up to you what you want to do.
  6. It's good you can save to an SD card now I don't have to worry as much about running out of space i was starting to run out of space downloading Virtual console games and such. I'll have to pick up a SD card so i can save some games on it.
  7. Funny reviews but I usually don't take them really seriously unless i play the game and I agree with what he is saying.
  8. I like COD4 more personally and COD2 but COD WAW is still pretty fun. if you really like ww2 games i would pick it up.
  9. This game is great fun i just wish there was a bit more servers!
  10. I mainly play fps on computer but i'll play some RTS sometimes. I need to get some more games.
  11. If i can get my Quake 3 to work I'll try to make it for some reason im havign trouble getting into any games online.
  12. This game is pretty awesome! I been playing it on PC with some friends. This game is the most fun with some friends. I usually play on Advanced or Expert. Versus mode is really fun too!
  13. It's pretty good. when it first came out i was freezing a lot which sucked but they seemed to fix that now! I like being able to rip games to your hard drive. The avatars are okay and the new party system is pretty good.
  14. I haven't counted them all but i have a lot many shortcuts to games and such because it's convenient
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