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I'll no longer be reading the forums


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When I joined the forums a few months ago they were bustling with interesting threads about community projects and ideas. When I check them today they are bustling with not much. Littered with "What should I do with my old desktop", "What laptop should I buy", "What should I do with my old box" and "help meh!" threads. It's a newbies playground.

It's literally gotten to the point at which clicking "View New Posts" and reading hurts me.

Adios and be well all.

Inb4 "fuck you" "no u" etc;

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All forums go through these periods. trust me any place you go will have the same thing. theres no avoiding it. rather than complaining about it you should be one of the people that contributes to more interesting and stimulating topics. try being a seeder instead of a leecher.

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There is no point to post this. They aren't going to change for someone who is going to abandon them. Why post this and leave and not see the resposes and actually contribute and make your own projects. People are aloud to ask questions in the questions section. If you don't like it then don't complain and just leave.

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Why broadcast that to everyone that you're sick and tired of something unless, you want some sort of attention....hmmm I'd probably just get attention by posting something cool...not for everyone I guess.


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