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  1. well to me, he looks like hes on drugs..
  2. well i forgot to mention, if the machine log's in , you can use the win+u to open utilities then press help it will , then open internet explorer >> then explorer then cmd @ sablefoxx: very interesting that is
  3. well i dont know any of them, the ones i knew, are using google services, so it becomes something.google..... :(
  4. well , i use the Wininternals ERD disk (2005), and use kaspersky virus removal tool, and depending on the situation ubuntu live disks
  5. well forgive me for not replying sooner, i'm feeling a little "under the weather".... well no i have not contacted them, but i did go thorough their mailing list, and realized i was not the only one with such a problem. and they keep insisting on getting a non-free email account
  6. gmail doesnt work, dont have an isp account and dont want to register a domain, the dyn dns sounds good will try that
  7. i downloaded the community Edition of Nexpose, and it asks me to register, but im a student and dont have a "work" email address, the university one is taken offline as we are on a winter break., so how do i register, as it will not take any free mail site. :( http://www.rapid7.com/vulnerability-scanner-inp.jsp
  8. lol, whom did you piss of to get neg rep'd :)

  9. Well 18V is a bit too high i think, i have not seem any adapeter that works on such high voltage , you know there is a better power-plan get a ups that just have a transformer working like APC's, get a car battery ( well i'm not really sure what the speck are but it seem that there are batteries that have the dimensions and specs of the car batteries, but give a stable voltage) this is to give a longer "runtime". cut your UPS output cable to cater for your adapter, and well you have a 12V.. not 18 :(
  10. well me to i really did not like it, the classic was way better, or maybe i'm just used to it too much
  11. what guys dont like the 64 bit ver :)
  12. come on dude so if you do find one, it like a mythical creature :P ;)
  13. Well guys i'm being a little ambitious, we(8 friends from school) are trying to Build a "solar power plant", well that is a project that we are working on, and personally i'm trying to build a streaming server for the bit of anime that i have, but unfortunately i cant seem to find something that does not let people copy from the server ie, IDM, Youtubedownloader. etc
  14. well the chances of infection are quite low,as i'm using an ubuntu box, and this is a personal account so i dont use it to register on forums etc. but oh well, will change the password none the less. PS: sorry for late reply school was keeping be busy,
  15. i just received this mail, but i don't remember sending any thing of this sort to any one, can anyone explain what is going on, PS: i hid my email address with *****
  16. but competition, is a two sided coin, it is a good thing and a bad thing, as some people will do anything to win
  17. Oh my God! is all i can say at this moment, it is BIG
  18. well guys here is an update! sorry for being late, after i was frustrated with the machine, i had a friend have a look at it for me, and it seems that, 1) the raid was never configured to begin with so it was booting of a single drive, 2) the reasons the OS died was a) because of damaged sectors,B) and it seems the smuk of the IT guy, updates the os just before it crashed..... 3) the installation was a fresh install, so i dont think there were any configurations installed, so i'm just backing up everything and reinstalling everything. so guys thanks for everything, learnt a lot through this ordeal ;)
  19. Well i was able to finally get the drivers for the controller, so may be i will try the repairing thing once again!
  20. so should i keep taking the slice size up, dont i have to consider may be the damage of the drive.. or somthing?
  21. well that is what was secondary of my plan, 1) find out the slice and see if it is ok, Explain: the program is good for data recovery and nothing beyond that, 2) reconstruct the raid onto a single drive explain: the program "my friend " :P gave me can do that so i have a single drive that works.
  22. well i started using "r-studio".... and had it take care of things for me.
  23. i have tried all the slices sizes from 4kb till 1Mb, i dont get clean picture, at 64kb and at 512kb, i do get most of them clear but at 1MB they are not clear yet, can the slice size go above 1Mb
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