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  1. When I joined the forums a few months ago they were bustling with interesting threads about community projects and ideas. When I check them today they are bustling with not much. Littered with "What should I do with my old desktop", "What laptop should I buy", "What should I do with my old box" and "help meh!" threads. It's a newbies playground. It's literally gotten to the point at which clicking "View New Posts" and reading hurts me. Adios and be well all. Inb4 "fuck you" "no u" etc;
  2. Xarf

    Old Desktop

    Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Seriously? ANOTHER one of these threads? There must be over 9000 threads about exactly the same topic "what should i do with my old box". It's killing me, make it stop.
  3. I didn't bother to watch it.
  4. You need to get a floppy disk and drive.
  5. I'm not quite sure who gave you the authority to talk for the "people" but I'd personally like to see a segment on this.
  6. Xarf


    The reason the cast uses XP is probably the same reason I do. It's far more slimline than Vista. I know that Darren uses an Acer aspire one which has a single core and a max of 1.5GB RAM, for these reasons XP is an excellent choice. It's lightweight, easy to use, reliable and highly supported, compared to Vista which is slightly more "end user friendly", "looks nicer" but requires a superior set of hardware to achieve the same performance as XP. That said, possibly the reason that I, darren, matt, the majority of the IT community running Windows and 95% of Business is still using XP is that XP does and probably will always have the best Performance to Hardware ratio for 90% of all users. If you want to dual-boot linux, that's fine. With the GUI built into most modern Nix distributions it's ridiculously easy anyway, even setting up a bootloader is automatic. That's your call. As mentioned above by other users I'd also recommend against getting a pre-made PC as they tend to be "non-downgradable" or at least "hard to downgrade" since 90% of all PCs now-a-days are shipped with SATA HDD's and XP will only support modern SATA drives with manufactuer drivers, which means a good traul for manufactueres drivers, or as I discovered buying a new hard disk (some manufactueres wont release their disk drivers for XP installs). Not only that but in terms of Cost to Hardware you're going to get 50% more hardware if you build it yourself. Just not true. Most end users can run Vista on 1GB RAM with absolutely no problems at all(Infact all of my family does). You should remember that most people just use a computer for Web/Email/Music etc. If £50 is chump change then yes, however like I; I'm sure that a lot of the people reading the forums don't see it the same.
  7. Solder the clip back into its socket using a soldering gun.
  8. Since Rev3 I skip through episodes in about 5mins to see if there's any decent content in there =/ One thing that caught my eye was: [23:49] <mubix> if you have a complaint, please use the forum [23:50] <Snakey> if you say anything on the forums you get banned [23:50] <KungFuJesus> mubix: is feedback@hak5.org still around? [23:50] <mubix> yup What's this all about? No complaints in IRC now?
  9. Get a messenger kit & Gears 2. Enjoy hours of quality gameplay.
  10. You're going to want to get an additional antenna for your laptop, a USB stick with optional changable antenna is your best bet, because you can then additionally add a larger and larger antenna as and if you require it. Something like this:
  11. Xarf

    Netbook Crisis

    As mentioned above, there's a lot of threads asking exactly this in the hak5.org forums (10+). A search for "netbook" returned 6 results. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?act=Searc...lite=%2Bnetbook Searching for "acer" finds a lot more. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?act=Searc...ighlite=%2Bacer
  12. First thing to do is plug your computer into an ethernet network, presuming your computer has recognised ethernet drivers (I've never been in a situation where it hasn't auto-recognised Ethernet in Ubuntu). Open terminal and run: sudo su <enter password at prompt> <you are now a super user> apt-get update <runs commands & gets updated librarys> apt-get upgrade <runs commands and gets latest drivers & software> This should locate your hardware drivers, if not.. post back.
  13. Xarf

    Server OS?

    This topic was created 40mins after http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11201&hl= Which is the same topic.
  14. Precisely.. this takes a good few hours/days to get familiar with. In XP you can just take advantage of the GUI and get straight on into hosting. In a professional environment I'd definatly agree with you, but in this case I think simplicity is key.
  15. For simplicity gut out XP and install the Xampp bundle on there. It's effective and easy to manage, unlike the majority of NIX/Unix server packages which are rather time consuming to setup. This is, of course presuming you're not going into professional hosting, the difference between XP and a Nix package probably won't be noticable.
  16. Xarf

    Netbook Crisis

    Indeed, perhaps next time the use of the search button would be better as there's over 9,000 other threads with the same topic. Long story short: Personal preference.
  17. The netbooks are cute, but lack any real meat. Performing tasks such as DVD burning, programming and decompressing basic RAR files are made painstakingly slow by the Atom processor, when compared to for example a Pentium 4 or C2D which breeze through these simple tasks. Moving onto stuff like image manipulation, audio & video editing etc.. forget it on an Atom. Believe me when I say Atom = cool toy. But far from a really suitable laptop for an advanced user.
  18. Did you sir, say pancakes?
  19. In the words of a meme.. DO NOT WANT.
  20. HOLY CRAP! Pancakes..
  21. Xarf

    USB Lojak

    Why not set up a web server on your home computer (not public) and just put in your code: ping <your IP> Then watch for ICMP in the server logs.
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