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December 2008 Desktops

Mark Manching

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Some Wi-fu BT4 work. Not a submission for BT4, but partly inspired by it and the offensive-security site.

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Hmm well I knocked something up quickly for the thread, still far from happy, especially with the wallpaper choice, also getting tired with the theme.

Anyone know where to find some very basic/simple white icons for system tray?



I will upload another desk sometime this month, after I have spent more then 10minutes on it :D

X3N: Lovely wallpaper!

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@Vicki: What script / app are you running to get your toolbar at the top with RAM, space, etc. notifications?

Anyways, here's the last screenshot before the new PC ^_^


Wow thats such a pretty desktop! Wish my eyesight was good enough to be able to use it well :D

The system stats are provided courtesy of Conky http://conky.sourceforge.net/ with customized look

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I have four desktops, so I kind of like don't want to mess up the forums stylings or push them off the edge of the post, so, here it is:


In case your wondering, I don't have 4 monitors (I wish I did though). I just use Deskspace, which gives me 3 desktops on one screen. Very useful.

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