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  1. Okay, for whatever reason I just read this. And I have to say... Wow, the show is not the shit one but this account. We did not mean to tell anyone to fuck off. The bike tour was shit hot not shit, but we didn't get enough of it. You can see prior posts to see our support for the tour. I think what was said was meant, just put across in such a poor manner, in the sense we do want more of the old Darren. That is... You know what this thread or rather what we turned it into isn't needed. Sorry guys.
  2. You don't know what I mean? Okay I will stop watching if it is how to install a firewall. Why is it a bad thing to want want the show was, or how it could be more? And Yeah I did ask a mod what it means, who didn't know... You never get anywhere without asking questions. As that mod should know. I by all means am not "l33t". Nor will I try and hack the Gibson, but this is a show that used to interest me. Maybe I am above you all if you find what they do so hard I guess I am... I don't want to be challeneged by a show, but I want it to be entertaining, if you're telling me this is a basic show then okay sorry. I will leave it behind.
  3. Yeah we pay back our loan once we earn more than £15,000.
  4. There is no most. They do emplor network guys, they do contract them out. Really it doesn't matter for you. Umm, want more? Networking has so many levels, kind of like helping someone to burn a CD or helping them to build a computer to do a specific job and then join a domain. All simple, but some takes more time. Then you have the stuff that makes you think, and pushes you. Learn, get qualifies. Go for job... NEXT!
  5. I think you missed what I was saying. If I teach you how to toast bread, that is educational material. Don't get me wrong, I like the Def con stuff, I do. But if you were "educated" by the rest, okay educate youself in fucking off. In the words of Bill Hicks "Go back to bed America". Get a grip, this forums knows I'm an idiot. Don't show yourself up.
  6. I watched the latest episode. And wow, I don't think I will try until next season. Did Darren not say, "if you think this season will be like last, then you're right. But 9 will be great". Okay, so no point watching until 9? Darren is strange, you kind of want to watch him but he comes out with this crap. You didn't give me anything last season, your bike tour was shit. That really could have been great. Fuck Rev3 if this is what happens. I have tried to make it clear for someone who I think could add something. Either give us educational material. or get blooted and make us laugh. Hak5 used to do both. Am I wrong in asking for more?!
  7. SOrry I'm drunk, but isn't lilo just a boot loader? I want to ask more questions, but this should say more.
  8. This is actually a pretty damn good question. So I don't do enough programming to require an IDE, but it is nice. Although I can get by with Gcc. But visio... You ask and you just don't get anything. So I use Windows, I even renewed my MSDN account. Visio is king for me. Then I thought, okay so what do I use Linux for? Right, so I use linux when I need to for some apps and because I like to keep up with commands et cetera. But Visio, is there a real option out there? I use visio for laying out AD and such, works for me, and I don't pay for it. I did try though. So I would like to see responses.
  9. Virtual boxes... Okay RAM. Light gaming, okay probably looking at ATI because they are cheaper in notebook land for what they give, but then "video and sound editing" means CPU, which right now is best with Intel. i5 and up. Right so you want a good notebook, no price indicated so go and buy the best gaming notebook you see. Possibly Alienware though I like Asus G73. Okay some more info, no matter what the youtube videos show, intel GMA doesn't cut it if you really want to play some games. Intel CPUs at that level do seem to give better results, would you really notice them? ATI cards give better game results, but are not starting to come with AMD and not many Intel options at lower levels. You don't mention screen size, battery life or budget. You know when you go on a forum, and they have all these rules for sections and you think "I just want to post a bloody question, what's the deal?" Well, these are not easy to answer, someone could come along and post one solution and it works for you. But on the hole, shit, this is like me asking "I want a car, what should I buy?".
  10. Yeah, although luckily is pretty damn interesting. Or at least I think it is, you get to play with expensive toys and learn stuff a lot of people don't know about.
  11. On a more boring note. You mention money, sorry I don't know how it works over there. I went to Uni in Scotland. In Scotland you get your tuition fees paid for you, and if you don't live at home you get a fair whack of cash each month. My point being, yeah go! Brillant. If you have to pay out of your own pocket, uni is shit if you have no money. All you will think about it having no money, maybe you could work for a year or two, you will either think "Damn I hate stacking boxes I can do more!!" or "Shit bitches are everywhere, pass me another 40". My point, you have to want it, but it's a lot harder to say if you have to fork out the cash yourself. You will meet friends for life, you will also realise you hate certain people. You will get a degree and hopefully get a job. In this day and age, there really is no rush, and I'm not old. But hey, everyone is different, so what do you want? Uni is great, but you have to want it if you're going to pay that money back. Oh and you say you don't like Java, well to be fair I never had to go that deep but I did have to do Java. Make of that what you will, if you're too bitched out by a OOP basic course, uni is not for you... yet.
  12. There is no such thing as random... Unless someone knows otherwise? In regards to a computer picking a random number.
  13. Gary Mckinnon was in the middle east? joke. You'd be surprised at some of the sites they visit. I know intern0t gets a few visits and it's not like there is much on there. Who knows.
  14. Hey, there are far worse places you could be than the London area. Plus if you're a young guy, wouldn't do you any harm breaking away somewhere fresh. @h3%5r3w Well that's geographical, but it's the same that a lot of the work is centered around the capital. Which is close to the ports. I'm just saying. :P
  15. Yeah, I would have never done retail before. But because of what I knew and had done, I went through the training quickly. Two pay rises in 8 months, at the end I could walk into any 1st line job. But tankfully I got more, you would be surprised. Like I say, I don't know who you are but work is work and usually only makes you look better.
  16. Hey bud, I'm in no way knocking you. I've been where you are, it will help you. But you have to know, there is a line where you draw. Work becomes number 1. You posted on a public forum, I've never done that so I assumed it was your last straw. Other adive? Be strong, you know what you're doing, but if any member of your family starts to feel it. Then this line needs to be drawn. I don't like people bitching right now, so if this is genersl so be it, but don't post here unless you have a hard time trying to get employed, if you do. Well, guess what? You're not the best out there, either change that or lower your standards. I remember when I used to work as a bouncer, I earned twice as much as a minimum wage person, but I realised I had to take a job where I can. I quickly worked up my wage, and have a golden reference. (PC World). I'm just saying, look at it from our point of view. If you are a bum, go and take work. If you're not and you have no qualifications (I've been to Uni, like said graduate work means little (but great)).
  17. *Popeye* bless Microsoft for making money from something, and has become one of the biggets technolgies in recent years. *another fictitious character
  18. +2, like I say it's reference. Think of it this way, you take this job. You find a job you want, apply and get it. No one cares about the last job if you're right for it. They can't give you a bad reference, they can refuse, but then you're working for them. Use your head, you're only making yourself look worse, you may land your dream job. But having a job helps you, it doesn't hinder you. Do you simply need to be told to get your arse into gear? Get a fucking grip, don't be a scum bag. Take a job if you can, it may lead to better things. If it doesn't, the problem is you nothing else.
  19. After what has been said I will add this: Look at what the jobs you would actually want require. Look at what you lack, and aim to fill the gaps. Taking a first line support job can be pretty good, just don't get lazy and never move. If you feel certs would help you, take the basic job, gain them and go from there. Don't be a suck up, but provide good support. Show you're not a wannabe know it all but do have some intelligence, and make it clear your career is your main goal right now. Someone lookng to start a family et cetera says certain things. If you're in work but just don't enjoy it, remember why you work and keep looking for what you want. If you're out of work, don't be too picky, it's very easy when you haven't worked in a while or used to work a job you enjoyed.
  20. But... Are you saying let's ignore hardware? Drivers is a huge issue. If you do nothing with your system and use a new Dell laptop, you probably think it isn't. If you open the hardware issue, well shit... Apple? I'll give my opinion. Desktop==Windows. Notebook==MacBook Pro 13"(Dual booted) Cheapy Notebook==Linux I think a better question might be, does anyone want what they don't have? Is the mac price too much? I hope it is, it's silly money. I will not be walking into an Apple store and buy one. Second hand or nothing. I should say, I don't believe in the resale valye argument. I buy them because the average Mac users replaces their system every time Steve coughs. So... I get a barely used system cheap. It's easy enough to check the bought date, mac users look after their stuff, because they're so worried about showing it off.
  21. I would like some input from Darkmist! I mean what is said stands true, I just want to know if you mean physical disks, or expanding a partition. I think either way your answer has been given, I just want to know what you really meant and if the problem has been solved. I know so little about this subjet (beyond the RAID types) I would like to know, Thanks,
  22. If you just mean the main episodes, you're going for BR for storage? Fair enough if it works out cheaper than multiple DVDs. The stuff that would attract hard core lovers are the items no longer on here or youtube. Like the live episodes. The one where they had a cocktail party and Darren tried to hide his white socks. I don't see that about anymore. Plus you would maximise sales when Hak5 is popular, it isn't right now. I mean, it could be a lot more in a couple months.
  23. Welcome to the world of networking. :) CCNA doesn't cut it for the most...
  24. If we're talking super computers. The Met. Office has recently purchased more Cray sytems for some of their stations. Most are within RAF bases et cetera, so the MOD doesn't release info about them. http://www.cray.com/Products/Products.aspx
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