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  1. i think darren should do a segment on nexus one rooting and loading a custom rom and turning the browser into a multi-touch browser. i did all this in about 15-20 min tops. the multi touch isnt as smooth as the iphone all the time but the nexus just came out like 2 weeks ago and they already have custom roms and tethering wired or wireless ( wireless can sometimes be flaky right now ).. but still this is a new phone with a newer android based OS i think showing people how to root it then drop a backup img on it then a custom rom then multi-touch shouldnt take more than 15-20 minutes in a segment and people always like seeing new $500+ phones having the warrenty voided in 15 seconds or less lol.. it actually tells you "using this will void your warrenty" its a pretty funny my friends were like "U did what to your new phone" search um.. i think modaco nexus one roms. you can find the instructions for the rest of the stuff just google it.
  2. thanks for the reply i might get one next month to play around with. i still ahve 2 servers sitting in my closet next to the rack waiting to be installed ive been too busy for anything lately glad some others have tried it and it sounds possible.
  3. i was wondering how fast it might be but since its chopped down linux. if you could start ssh without starting Xwin then well... less resources = faster. this is what i was thinking but without one i dont know. looking to spend the $$ i was going to buy a zipit on a 1u itx rackmount now.. for a ubuntu server so this zipit ssh project is on the back burner.
  4. about the being able to triangulate maybe they can.. maybe not i "might know someone" who has used a cell phone jammer for like 3 yrs at least once or twice a month to go to the movies and not have to see cell phone screen from the punk ass kids pop up all the time... i mean just maybe :x cell jammer = $50-$200 the "person" i know who uses it definitely has gotten the money out of it.. they also have gps jammers, wifi, bluetooth and wireless camera's. its all abut flooding the air waves i'm told :x this one jap guy i met at CES showed me a catalog where he had "400mhz and 800mhz" listeners.. i asked him what 400mhz was he told me alot of law enforcement use 400mhz and 800 was a cell.. so you might just search some jap online stores or all the lil venders above the porn show at CES jan6-10 vegas etc...
  5. buy the adaptor its like $3 from china. ive bought alot of these for use with itx systems :/ going from laptop to normal ide is something i havent seen but why not use a usb to ide
  6. i have a tone of cf-51's with no hd ( the bay cost +$100 which makes the laptops useless/unsaleable ). i was thinking about doing something similar but... laptops ( unless newer ) have 100m connection no gigabit..so that makes it not a prime canidate for freenas in my eyes.. and yes i have gotten freenas to see USB drives on alot of desktops. i have not tried it on a laptop board but i would think it would still reconize the usb depending how old the laptop is anyways.. but heres a good idea if u want a freenas box/rigged server. sale your laptop for $75 on craigslist and buy a ITX board/cpu combo and a psu board for it.. it shouldnt run you more than $100 if that newegg last week had some cpu/mobo with a 1.6ghz atom for like $56 or so.. that with a $20-$50 psu ( yes itx can use a normal psu and even fit in most standard cases too ). so you still have a cheap freenas box. throw all the parts in a milk crate with some 120mm fans zip tied on the sides and your set.. or get a cheapo case that comes with the psu.. just a thought also most peope have ram laying around and freenas doesnt take alot i used 512mb ddr with an itx and installed freenas onto a memcard and used the 3 sata powers on the board for jbohd and the 3 usbs on the back for 6 hd in total.. took like 1hr to set it all up and under 100$ ( +hds )
  7. could you use a 50$ zipit as a lil linux ssh box ??? i dont knwo what the power for the zipit is since i havent bought one yet. i did see the power cord on the website which looks like a standard 5v psu. so i figured i could splice a usb cord and power it from a pc ( maybe at a diff location than my house ) and just connect it to the wifi and ssh into it for secure browsing?? since darren has one i figured he or someone else with one would see this and tell me if this is possible...
  8. yea its easy.... make a killcmos disk ( hoping that the pc/laptop will get past post and try to boot off cd/usb/hd ) step #1. get nero step #2. get windows 98 boot disk ( can use floppy or extract the contents of the EXE with winRAR ) http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm step #3. get cmos killer. http://majorgeeks.com/KillCMOS_d2969.html now open nero at the dialog screen on the left it ask what type of disc you want to make.. click on "cd-rom (BOOT)" now on the left it will have a tab called "boot" on this tab at the top it will let you choose on of two options to use a removable media ( floppy disc a:-b:) or to use a img ( .iso, .img ) then click "new" then just drag and drop the killcmos.exe into the pane ( window ) on the left and click burn... now boot up your pc/laptop... if it ask to boot with cdrom support click YES. at the dos prompt you can type "killcmos" you will hear a beep then the laptop will restart with no bios password.. sometimes it takes 2 tries... and also on some models when it restarts go into bios and change 1 setting then save. some bios have dual bios and on these i have seen that if you dont go in and change then save it will revert back to the passworded bios thinking the original was just crashed... i use this program a few times a week at my pc store.. if you want to go one extra step make a autorun.inf file to make it autorun killcmos.com. if you need an image of my disc msg me or if darren or anyone wants to host if i will make/send whoever a copy.. not to hard to do it took me about 5 minutes to figure this out and throw it together after googleing cmos reset a few years ago.
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