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  1. Ok guys, I have a question. I've been watching the episodes about the ESXi stuff and got to wondering if I should rethink my setup. I have a Windows 08 x64 box as my DHCP, AD, DNS and Hyper-V server. I have Hyper-V running Windows Home Server and an XP machine. I have another computer as a print server for a Ricoh RW-240WP wide format printer. This printer has to be connected to a XP box. It also has a wierd PCI controler card that connects to the printer. I have another XP box that is my file server. It has 5.4 TB of storage plus the drive for the OS. My question is this. Should I ditch the Hyper-V and install ESXi on the box and then put Server 08 on that and have it be my DHCP, DNS and file server and then have another virtual XP box to run the print server? Or should I keep the Hyper-V and put all the virtual machines on that? And, why would you prefer one to the other?
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