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  1. Hmm, did u do a clean install caous if your com freezes, eather ure com has a hardware problem or u got a nice little spyware, adaware, virus problem But anyways use Windows update or this link http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Renember to chek that its the English u want or else change it to the language of your computer, "Forgot that first time i ahd to do it" Ps. Plz keep it in 1 topic, no reason to make 3 topics when u need help in them all 3
  2. Maby to watch some nice HD qualerty Films whit the Gf? or just anoy your naburs whit a ad or pron movie on there wall?
  3. My bro had the same problem, he would get like Big black boxes when he shot in CS whit the new drivers, but the ones from his cd worked just fine
  4. What a f****** Moron! Those things get realy hot, some i know have one that goes up to 95 degrees celsius
  5. Just pop the windows cd in your drive and reboot and then boot from the cd then u can see if it works If your com dosent autodect the cd your need to go in to the BIOS and change the boot priority so the cd-rom drive is the first. I usualy set my Boot priority like this 1. Floppy "On the computers that got 1" 2. Cd-Rom 3. Hard-Disk The only way i know of how to know if your cd-key is valid is to see if its on 1 of those stickers.
  6. Ahh reinstalling windows they joy "NOT" Hmm if u want to save data, fx. iso's and exe's Then u can make a new Partition and move the files over there but u can only make a new partition if u have space that inset partitioned or u can change the since of your windows partition to get the space that inset partitioned, or just move the files to a other hard-disk. If u ask me what I think is the best way to get your computer speeded up, whit out buying something, will be to make a clean install, that means that u erase the partition your windows installation was on and install it there again. I just got a laptop today and the first thing i did was to reinstall it so I got writ of all the factory settings and programs, i have a 100gb in this laptop and I partitioned it so there is a 40 gig partition for windows, games and stuff like that, and the rest I haven’t partitioned, why you may ask yourself, caucus I am lazy and after a lot 3 and ½ hour of installing stuff i just wont partition anymore right now, and cause I am thinking of if I want to use 10,15 or 20 gigs on Linux and the rest on a storage/backup partition. But anyways to get back on the topic, I think that 1 of the only ways to speed up a com is to reinstall windows or using some tools like CCleaner and stuff like that. Then u can remove all your partitons on your pc and install windows again right from the bottom "renember to chek if u got a working windows cd and key"
  7. Haha Nope ;) I need it
  8. This is so cool :P, i am sick home and i have to move to my dad for a week, so when i get up to him, what do i see? A laptop for me, caous when i am gonna start on the gymnasiom i need 1. Specs: 1.6ghz Intel 100gb hd 1024 ddr ram and a ok gfx card :D
  9. Thats 1 cool site, and the other program tptest, that 1 i dlet from my ISP's Site when i got my connection
  10. If i finde some spots where i can in Copenhagen i am gonna do it, whit 2 freinds or 1 freind and my bro :P
  11. Damn i gotta go Dumbster Diving some day, just 1 problem there arent realy any dumbsters here in Dk in that way
  12. Its a Athlon i think, i have just been buisy latly starting up in school again and now i am sick, so im propably gonna hook the com up tonight and play whit it
  13. Autch that must hurt, the worst i have tryed was gotting my wrist slashed buy a window that broke, and no it dident slash any arteries open or vanes
  14. i think i got some ideas now thx guys :p
  15. its on 1000mhz :p the first thing i told in the topic :p or its actualy 999mhz caous something happend so now its 999mhz
  16. I just read the articel, i cant belive that somebody whould name a resturant after Hitler but hey there isent mutch i belife before i see it
  17. Well i got a old computer specs: 1000mhz 128mb sdrram 40 or 20 gb of hd "think its 40" A floppy drive!!! Cdrom drive Network card Modem Very old gfx card, as I remember it can run the old cs and half-life so anyone got a suggestion of what i can do whit it "Better than my friends proposal of sitting on it" ?
  18. Hmm eaven if i did like TomB and took a Screenshot like that i culdent get them all in there i got about 500 i would guess :P
  19. I use SmartFTP it works the bedst for me.
  20. Thats the first time i have seen a person get pirced, i mean other than in Dirty Sanches :p So anyways when was it recorded? is Wess gonna have eaven more pircings in the show now? :P
  21. tehBoris has also foldet 1, wickedness to the hak5 folding team :p
  22. My is simply my first name, my middel and last names first letters, but i am thinking of finding out of a new 1 :p but its hard
  23. Your dad is 9 years older than my dad and mom, and im 15, and they are the oldest parents in my class :shock:
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