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  1. thx RazerBlade for your reply I solved it with a firmware recovery and a reinstall of the latest firmware.
  2. Hi, the setting of : #!/bin/bash #This configuration file is used to set default variables DUCKY_LANG fr in the config.txt doesn't load the correct language in the scripts. I also tried to add a DUCKY_LANG fr in the payload itself without any effects. I have checked : /usr/local/bunny/lib/languages the directory contains all the json files. For my payload to work I had to edit Q / QUACK ==> language = os.getenv("DUCKY_LANG", default="fr").lower() But any time I want to change to a new language I have to do this... It would be simpler to use the config.txt. Also, I just upgraded the BB from firmware 1.0 to 1.4) Before, setting the language in the payload did work just fine. Did anyone encounter this bug and has found a solution ?
  3. Kel


    Hi Bob, yeah, for you it'll be : Q SET_LANGUAGE us (or gb if you are from Great Britain) Silly question, do you use it on a computer that has some WIFI capabilities ? Whatsoever, what is the result of this command : netsh wlan export profile key=clear in a command prompt ?
  4. well my bad it doesn't work here neither.. guess I'll just drop the usual : Q SET_LANGUAGE fr before my scripts
  5. I think you can change the us.json located here /tools/languages and put your own file like gb.json and it will be used by default.
  6. did you follow this guide first ? https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/40358-initial-config-of-bash-bunny/#comment-288056
  7. did you follow this guide first ? https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/40358-initial-config-of-bash-bunny/#comment-288056
  8. as it is specified in the payload : # Use RNDIS for Windows. Mac/*nix use ECM_ETHERNET so depending on the settings you chose it works on Win / Mac / Nix
  9. I was able to install this driver. ATTACKMODE SERIAL Open Device Manager Right click on CDC Serial under 'Other devices' Left click 'Update Driver Software...' search on computer for driver ... Choose from a list... in the list pick : Linux Developer Community / Gadget serial (should be present if you have already connected to your bashBunny in arming mode) profit
  10. The configuration file advertise : Configured for linux by default. Swap RNDIS_ETHERNET with ECM_ETHERNET on Windows But on the BB WIKI it says that : ECM_ETHERNET ECM - Ethernet Control Model, is rather suited for : Linux/Mac/Android Ethernet Adapter can one use ECM_ETHERNET on windows ? (if so, how to install the drivers ?)
  11. Kel


    Same here I had to rewrite this one. Works now in Win 10 & 7 here is my version based on samdeg555 's (BTW : no need of a.cmd anymore) payload.txt
  12. French keyboard, s'il vous plait ! But I think it is already On, by using : QUACK SET_LANGUAGE fr
  13. You get greeted by a blank page, that did surprised me as well. Just press enter a few time you'll see the prompt asking for your login / password
  14. I have noticed that the stop url snarf command doesn't always work (as you mentioned the right PID is not killed) solution : exit turtle shell type : ps to show active process note the <pid> of urlsnarf type : kill <pid> to kill the process manually return to turtle shell then go to configure choose SSHFS (option 1 for the logs) then back to the previous menu (urlsnarf should be stopped at the time beeing) start urlsnarf exit turtle shell go to /SSHFS on the turtle browse in http (ursnarf is listening to 80 / 8080 etc...) you should find a urlsnarf log file. which should also be found under /home/turtle in you VPS
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