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  1. Smb_exfiltrator doesn't require Internet access as it is a connection from the victim's machine to the Bunny via its virtual nic and the smb server setup on the Linux machine on the stick.
  2. Try disabling and re-enabling the LAN nic - this seems to kick things in to life.
  3. @larsc3poyes I was in switch position 2, so it was loading a different payload, my bad! It also took me a while to realise that the wrong keyboard was being set. Now to write some code to pull the keyboard info first and set it automatically. Thanks
  4. @Draxiom Thanks, yes looks like it was already installed.
  5. Hi Guys, Just trying to get my head around the payloads and the like. I have just testing the WiPassDump on a fresh windows 7 laptop and I plug the bunny in, and up pops the Set Network Location window. Am I doing something wrong or should the bunny be a little less conspicuous
  6. Hi Nutt318, Just had similar problem, but I have set the windows nic (the bash bunny one) to rather than .10 and all seems to work (in terms of getting the internet connection) My problem now is that do I need to install git on the bunny before I run the script
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