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  1. I did actually try that with no effect. Renamed the gb.json to us.json. I'll double check it though!
  2. Is there any way to change the default keyboard language used when in HID mode for the ducky script to avoid having to edit all scripts to include "set_language gb"? Thanks
  3. I'm on win7 x64. Already set git up and got the latest packages. @GermanNoob once I ran the DuckyInstall and specified the language to use (gb) in the script the first problem was solved. The timecode is the only thing stopping it working out the box for me now, but i've tweaked it to my preferences (ie removing the time stamp but leaving the date) now and have it working :)
  4. After a couple hours of playing around, it turns out the initial issue of the \\ becoming # is due to the keyboard language, after SET_LANGUAGE gb, this was fixed. I think you're right about the 24hr format ArmedWeasel, I can get the date to display fine, but the time is what is messing that part of the script up. No big issue really as date is sufficient for my needs :)
  5. Morning! I'm by no means an expert with code, but I was having a lot of issues trying to get this script to work. I think I've narrowed down to what is causing my issues and got it to work: When payload runs, the string that is typed to cmd is: which results in error and no files copied. If changed to: I hit the second blocker in e.cmd. A file in the loot folder will be created under USB_exfiltration with the PC name, some numbers followed by an "_" The script returns no copied files. If line9 is changed to: The script runs with no problems. Any suggestions as to why this may be and how to fix the payload.txt issue? Thanks!
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