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  1. Hi Decoy and friends, As said above, you can install DuckyInstall by putting it at a switch as a payload and run it. This results in that the following language files are put here root@bunny:~/tools/DuckToolkit/ducktoolkit/languages# ls be.json ca.json de.json es.json fr.json hr.json no.json se.json us.json br.json ch.json dk.json fi.json gb.json it.json pt.json si.json What I did was to copy the needed .json file (change xx to your language) into the following location in the BB: root@bunny:~/tools/DuckToolkit/ducktoolkit/languages# cp xx.json /root/tools/languages/ Now, you can use the following in the payload scripts after the ATTACKMODE HID command (Exchange XX with the laungage letters of the xx.json file you copied: Q SET_LANGUAGE XX I have tried this and for the FIRST time I managed to get a payload to run! Yippie! The payload I tested with was "Faster SMB Exfiltrator" from Darren of Hak5. It worked! Of course, you need to install the tools (run tools-installer just as any payload, put it on a switch and run it) and also log in to the BB using a terminal and from the impacket folder and run "python setup.py install" Before. After that, it hopefully will work! /Blix
  2. Hi, is there an ETA on the new language support mentioned here? What will become more clear on a few Days?
  3. You are probably wrong, since you can remote connect to win registry and change the registry key for the background Picture, given that you have access rights (hopefully the target computer have sloppy security, it may work).
  4. Hi, I checked carefully, tested 10 different language setting and examined the us.json file in root tools languages. Since there are no other files, I guess it is safe to say those keyboards are not availale for the BB. Suggestion: Can we have a forum or subforum with language files? Is there anyone else out there struggling with this? I have spent at least 20 hours on this language problem so far. Any solutions? /Blix
  5. Well, but the format of these files are not suitable for the BB, correct. This is only for the Rubber Ducky. I looked at the us.json file on the BB and that specifies the keys with a six digit code like 02:00:15 (meaning e.g. shift plus key 15 on a US keyboard). Is there a repository with json BB keyboard files for the bashbunny? If not, would it be possible for someone at Hak5 to convert all these so that thousands of hours worth of good work around the globe is not wasted (if we all have to do this manually). /Blix
  6. Thank you Decoy! Appreciated! /Blix
  7. What s/he means is that in order to use the Bunny at all, for any HID-based experiments, one needs to have ones local keyboard mapping, or else or experiments (payloads) provided with the BB will fail, since all special characters will be different. E.g. if I run a script with some flags like "-nop -hidden -didden", then instead of this, the following will be the output "+nop +hidden +didden". Same for / # " = - : and so on, so you can imagine. Also, it is not possible to change the target system language and input to US, since because of difference of ANSI and ISO keyboards standards yet some small number of special characters will still be different. Therefore, s/he needs to under stand two things: 1) How to I set Another laungage is the payload, and 2) Where are any already existing keyboard layout files that are to be put under /root/tools/languages? /Blix
  8. Fellas, For those of you who pass all tests above and have the SMB server running, check that you have actually downloaded all the powerscripts that the payload refers to from bashbunny-payloads/payloads/DumpCreds_2.0/PS/ . I know some people who forgot to do that...... /Blix
  9. Problem: - You are not on a US keyboard and have different language and keyboard layout. WIndows computer. - You do not want to hassle with keyboard files, but just get the BB to work with all US payloads. Partial solution: To answer my own question after a few hours more, this is a possible solution, just put this in the payload file. Note that I had to change the "-"-sign to a "/"-sign in the script before the language is changed. This may work for you as well. #!/bin/bash # Initiate attack ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE # Change keyboard layout and languange to bashbunnys homeland Q GUI r Q DELAY 500 Q STRING "powershell /windowstyle hidden Set/WinUserLanguageList /LanguageList en/US /force" Q ENTER Q DELAY 5000 Q STRING exit Q ENTER # Put your attack payload here Q GUI r Q DELAY 500 Q STRING notepad Q ENTER Q STRING PAYLOADS ARE GONNA WORK TRY KEYS NOW SEE YOU HAVE US KEYS Q DELAY 9000 # Revert to targets original keyboard layout and languange uncomment if you want this # Q GUI r # Q DELAY 500 # Q STRING powershell -windowstyle hidden Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList xx-XX -force # Q ENTER # Q DELAY 5000 # Q STRING exit # Q ENTER LED G Change xx-XX to the original language on the computer if you want to revert back after the attack. /Blix
  10. We really need a fast and good solution to the language and keyboards compatibility problem.
  11. Dear Fellas, I try to change language before and after an attack to en-US as suggested here on the forum elsewhere (thank you). I am on a Danish keyboard on windows 10 set to Danish language. I am trying to QUACK the following: powershell -windowstyle hidden Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList en-US -force but the output becomes: powershell +windowstyle hidden Set+WinUserLanguageList +LanguageList en+US +force In other Words, all minuses "-" becomes pluses "+". Once I have solved this little thing, I think it may be possible to get some of the scripts to run. I have tried for a few hours now, with different characters for the string, but I can never achieve a "-" minus-sign needed. (the BB frequently get bricked because of I assume it does not like certain characters, so I have had to reset it to factory three times already.) Any suggestions on how I can quack a "-" sign on my Danish keyboard BEFORE I change to en-US (since this is needed in that command). /Blix
  12. I am a client of yours, thank you for this support. But these guides you are referring to collectively say that certain characters (that are always needed in the scripts) can not be generated for non US target systems. Have I misunderstood this? The only partial solution I have seen works only for windows and that takes time and involves setting the target system language to US and then back. There is no solution for OS X, and the one for windows is not optimal. Can you confirm what you are stating above that we can just change language and these new maps can generate all characters? /Blix
  13. Possible problem: since the HID mode emulates a physical keyboard with 101 keys (US ANSI standard) and many other countries have the 102 keys ISO standard, it is not only a matter of changing the keyboard mapping. This may be a global problem, Hak5 can you respond with advice? It may be unsolvable? /Blix
  14. Dear Peter, Thank you for this answer. I can see that some of my questions are started to be solved in other threads here. I really appreciate your concern and that you took the time to answer. Let me know if I can help you with anything. If you are anyone else here would be interested in helping us all sort out this question that would be great: Which of these scripts that are available for the BB, will work and produce the expected result on a windows 10 box where the user is logged in but the computer is locked? /Blix
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