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  1. Yeah, even the hashes I retrieved from my friends computer, I've not been able to crack. I've tried john and hashcat and I haven't gotten either to work successfully.
  2. Yeah, I still have nothing. I don't know why it wouldn't work on Windows 10. But also, I'm not sure why the script would work on a mac or linux because I'm pretty positive neither of them store passwords in the NTLM hash format. I still have only been able to get it to work on a Windows 7 machine.
  3. This is awesome, Just tested on my Windows 7 Virtual Machine and it snagged the plaintext password in about 15 seconds. Great job!
  4. Thanks for your response! Unfortunately, I tried that and it didn't work. It still won't work on my Mac, Laptop running Linux, or a Windows 7 Virtual Machine. However, I did get it to work on my friends Windows 7 Laptop. Do you know if QuickCreds is supposed to work on any other OS than Windows?/Do I have to change the type of hashes that it scans for?
  5. @Darren KitchenHave you heard anything about this or know what it could be?
  6. Hello everyone! I was having some trouble running the QuickCreds payload with my Bash Bunny. I have tested other payloads that work (such as the nmapper and a basic ducky hello world that I wrote). I have installed the tools into the /pentest folder properly. It seems to get stuck in an infinite loop where it's blinking amber (I believe). When I unplug it, switch to arming mode, and open up the files I see a loot folder that wasn't there before. It then goes to quickcreds --> name_of_computer but there's nothing inside that folder. I've let it go for as high as about thirty minutes before giving up on it. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've tested it on a MacBook Pro, a linux laptop, and a Windows 7 64 bit Virtual Machine, all with the same problem. I saw other people post about it with the same issue as me but I didn't see a response that worked. Thanks in advance for your help!
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