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  1. Yeah, even the hashes I retrieved from my friends computer, I've not been able to crack. I've tried john and hashcat and I haven't gotten either to work successfully.
  2. Yeah, I still have nothing. I don't know why it wouldn't work on Windows 10. But also, I'm not sure why the script would work on a mac or linux because I'm pretty positive neither of them store passwords in the NTLM hash format. I still have only been able to get it to work on a Windows 7 machine.
  3. This is awesome, Just tested on my Windows 7 Virtual Machine and it snagged the plaintext password in about 15 seconds. Great job!
  4. Thanks for your response! Unfortunately, I tried that and it didn't work. It still won't work on my Mac, Laptop running Linux, or a Windows 7 Virtual Machine. However, I did get it to work on my friends Windows 7 Laptop. Do you know if QuickCreds is supposed to work on any other OS than Windows?/Do I have to change the type of hashes that it scans for?
  5. @Darren KitchenHave you heard anything about this or know what it could be?
  6. Hello everyone! I was having some trouble running the QuickCreds payload with my Bash Bunny. I have tested other payloads that work (such as the nmapper and a basic ducky hello world that I wrote). I have installed the tools into the /pentest folder properly. It seems to get stuck in an infinite loop where it's blinking amber (I believe). When I unplug it, switch to arming mode, and open up the files I see a loot folder that wasn't there before. It then goes to quickcreds --> name_of_computer but there's nothing inside that folder. I've let it go for as high as about thirty minutes bef
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