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  1. Hi folks, I was just wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible to install LINSET or Fluxion on a Pwn Phone or Nethunter? or neither? I really wish these apps could work on the Nano but it looks like it's not gonna happen. Thanks,
  2. Fluxion and Linset are amazing programs. I'd love to see them on the nano someday.
  3. I pay for my iptv service. It's much cheaper than cable. 500+ channels HD's etc... $20. Oh, and it all works from a smart tv. No stb needed.
  4. Would love to see more portals too!
  5. hahaha, I just came back to the forum to say that the problem was fixed by doing EXACTLY what you mentioned. client mac filter. I should have read the change log more carefully. THANKS
  6. Answering my own question. I DOWNGRADED my firmware back to 1.1.3 and now it seems to be working fine again. Has anyone else tried this? This could be a bug.
  7. Hey guys, I'm unable to connect to my Nano via wifi. I''m using the latest firmware. I can connect to the nano's AP management ssid but not the OPEN ssid. Is this issue a known bug? Thanks
  8. i tried installing it before but couldn't get it to go. That's why i was kind of hoping for the official release. I guess i'll keep trying to install via github. THX
  9. Ok, thanks For the clarification. So basically deauth is more like a kick. That is if deauth were to work correctly. In recon mode, we can therefore kick the ap along with clients or kick specific clients. In both cases the kick is rather brief as the clients can reconnect soon after being kicked. it's not possible to permanently deauth an ap or client. (At least when using a nano) :) Is my assumption more or less correct? Thanks again
  10. Hopefully Newbi3 will release it before the end of the year as he mentioned in his last post. Crossing my fingers. :)
  11. Fair enough. I could see why Jamming could be used inappropriately. I'm trying to get some clients off of my router and on to my Nano's EP. Obviously just testing. Giving a 10 sec kick from my router might and might not work. The issue is that the clients will simply log back on to my AP. Oh well, I'll try to ssh into the nano and see if Deauth works from there. Thanks SEB
  12. haven't tried it on my Pixel 2. BUT WHAT AN AWESOME PHONE!!!
  13. Confirmed. In recon mode i can deauth my router. But i can't do the same with the Deauth Module. Is there a way in which we can extend the Deauth Multiplier above 10? If we can, then we wouldn't really need the deauth module at all. If my memory serves my right, this was possible in the mkv. (I think) Any feedback/suggestion would be more than welcomed. Thanks again!
  14. Wow, well that makes a lot more sense then. There could be some routers immune then. Are you using a similar configuration as me? (As seen in my previous post) Thx!
  15. Hey guys, I'm still playing around with this update. However I'm still having issues with Deauth. I made added some photos etc.. here: Anyone else having issue with Deauth? Works fine on my MKV. Thanks,
  16. Thanks Seb and team for all the updates. Cheers
  17. Hi guys, I'm still having issues with DEAUTH. I'm currently using a Nano with an additional Alfa radio: AWUS036NEH Nano Firmware Version 2.0.1 Objective: Deauth my own 2.4 Ghz wifi. Router model: tplink AC1750 (Dual band) Results: Not working. Deauth Configuration: Dependencies Installed mdk3 wlan1MON mode: BLACKLIST speed: 15 Channel: 1 HOWEVER AFTER I click Save, it says "true" ??? SCREENSHOTS: https://ibb.co/jscmVR https://ibb.co/kFGkPm Could the problem be that my router is immune to a deauth? (doubt it) Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Sorry to hear that you're having issues with the update. In the past I had some issues with my nano so I did a factory reset but not from the gui. Here's an old video of mine. I hope it works.
  19. Just wanted to thank Seb, Foxtrot and all of the Hak5 team as well as all contributors to this update. I just DEAUTH and it seems to be working fine now. :) Are most of the modules compatible with this update? thanks again guys!
  20. I'd love to test it out but I'm far from qualified. There are so many more qualified tester out here. So it looks like we're getting 2 treats. 1) Firmware update 2) EP update. Really looking forward to both. Thanks for your hard work N3wbi3!!
  21. Hey folks, Any news on the new version of EP? thx
  22. Hey folks, Anyone know if Hak5 is going have some black Friday deals?
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