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  1. Try the code below. If your going to use CONTROL ALT with a command after you need to shorten it to CTRL-ALT. REM Logon DELAY 4000 CTRL-ALT DELETE STRING Computer_Password ENTER DELAY 500 REM Open Website CTRL-ALT a DELAY 500 REM Logon STRING Username TAB STRING Site_Password ENTER DELAY 500 REM Maximize Screen WINDOWS UPARROW
  2. All fixed now, thank you for the heads up :)
  3. What Language are you using? ymode will appear when the commands ALT y, DELAY 1000, STRING mode con:cols=14 lines=1 are not recognised. I have no idea why its saying PowerShell.exe isnt a valid executable. Can run it manually from Windows Key + R?
  4. Thanks! Do any of the other encoders currently support swedish layout? If they do I can just modify it to work with the toolkit
  5. Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay in replies and issues with the previous site over the past few months. I am happy to announce that the DuckToolkit NG is now available! This is an entirely new version of the previous site which has been rewritten in Python/Django by myself and KevtheHermit. Current Features: Online Encoder 30+ Recon/Exploit/Reporting PowerShell scripts Online Decoder UK/US Language Support Standalone Python Encoder/Decoder We are working to add new languages and to implement Linux/OSX scripts in the coming weeks, however since this in an open source project please feel free to help us! If you want a certain language added then help us by writing it! You can access the online DuckToolkit NG here: https://www.ducktoolkit.com You can access the standalone DuckToolkit here: https://github.com/kevthehermit/DuckToolkit Any issues, comments or suggestions then either post on the Disqus thread on the website or respond in this thread, 411.
  6. Sorry for the downtime everyone. The old site is now back up. I am working on a new site and have moved the old site to a new hosting provider and have had a few issues. Hoping to have the new site up and running by April! It will be worth the wait! 411.
  7. Hi mate, yeah no worries. Send me the .txt, .bin and .ps1 file and i will have a look. It might also be worth launching the PowerShell.exe on your Windows box, navigating to the .ps1 file and attempting to run it from command line. That will show you if there any errors when it attempts to run. I will be away for the weekend btw so wont be able to look until Monday. Cheers, 411.
  8. Hi Ardetroya, sorry for not replying sooner i have only just seen this post! Do you have a copy of the properties file? I will update asap. Thanks, 411.
  9. Just a heads up. I have updated the encoder on the Toolkit to 2.6.3. Hoping this will fix the issues users have been having with the Encoder. Any issues let me know. 411.
  10. Yeah sorry about that, appears the site ran out of space even though that should never happen. Its back up now. 411.
  11. This is awesome! As its Java based would you consider some type of collaboration so we could try and get this onto the Duck Toolkit? Obviously full credit would go to you!.
  12. Hi nazgul, sorry you are having issues! Would you mind sending the .txt and .bin payloads to ducktoolkit@outlook.com so i can have a look? There is definitely something wrong as the PowerShell file should be hidden in C:\Windows. 411.
  13. Hi xyntax sorry for the delay in my reply. I believe there is an issue with the italian keyboard layout in the latest encoder as you are not the only person to report this to me. The down arrows are there to pull the notepad off screen. The amount of down arrows required to get the notepad off screen vary depending on screen resolution. Since i dont know the users screen resolution i have included more that should be would probably be necessary to ensure the notepad is always hidden. 411.
  14. Nice work, looks really extensive! Havent got my ducky with me know but i will run it as soon as i get chance. 411.
  15. Soo did it not run? What operating system are you running? 411.
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